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0003900JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2007-01-04 04:02
ReporterdraderAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionDaily / GIT 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.30 
Summary0003900: Application with both Standard and CustomDoking features raise an unneeded assert condition
DescriptionThe assert condition in the
function TJvDockClient.CreateTabDockClass(TabHost: TForm): TJvDockTabPageControl;

doesn't allow me to uses CustomDocking feature.

I can't understand any real reason for this kind of assert
Additional Informationfunction TJvDockClient.CreateTabDockClass(TabHost: TForm): TJvDockTabPageControl;
  Result := nil;
  { copy properties of the JvTabDockPageControl's DockClient
    from the form it contains. }

  Assert(TJvDockTabHostForm(TabHost).DockClient.CustomDock, 'DEBUG HELPER: Not working!');

  if (FTabDockClass <> nil) and (FTabDockClass <> TJvDockTabClass(ClassType)) then
    Result := FTabDockClass.Create(TabHost);
    Result.Align := alClient;
    TJvDockTabHostForm(TabHost).DockableControl := Result;
    TJvDockTabHostForm(TabHost).PageControl := Result;
    SetDockSite(Result, True);

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2006-09-29 06:45

administrator   ~0010239

Well, it says it "Not working". Try to remove it and see what is not working, propose a bug fix and we'll remove this assert.


2006-09-30 06:02

reporter   ~0010263

I already removed the assert and I hadn't any problem.
This assert totally prevents the use of CustomDock feature.
Couldn't it be a refuse?


2006-10-06 02:38

administrator   ~0010300

hum... I'm a bit uneasy at removing the assert without extended testing. Can you do this with the examples from the JVCL?


2006-10-06 12:31

reporter   ~0010325

Try this simple test:

Take a docking demo, for example DockOptionDemo.
Open DockWindows.pas and set lbDockClient1.CustomDock = false because we don't want to dock this form in a hypothetical customdock panel.
Enable the asserts, compile and try to tabdock the forms .... you will get in this assert condition ... this doesn't make sense.

If you remove the assertion it works fine.


2007-01-04 04:01

administrator   ~0010521

This is now fixed in SVN.

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