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0004051JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2007-03-13 04:37
ReporterZENsanAssigned Toivan_ra 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionDaily / GIT 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.34 
Summary0004051: JvIterpreter record type problems
DescriptionWhen I am trying to use FIndFirst and FindNext - JvInterpreter return empty string for TSearchRec.Name for every found file.
Below is the sample of code. TjvSelectDirectory is added by me manualy and all is working excluding that in form's memo are added empty strings, not filenames...
Additional Informationunit Sample;

function Main: string;
  Dlg: TjvSelectDirectory;
  Frm: TForm;
  Memo: TMemo;
  Dir: TSearchRec;
  Dlg := TjvSelectDirectory.Create(nil);
  Dlg.ClassicDialog := False;
  Dlg.InitialDir := 'C:\';
  Dlg.Title := 'Select folder to list';
  if Dlg.Execute then
    if DirectoryExists(Dlg.Directory) then
        Frm := TForm.Create(nil);
        Memo := TMemo.Create(Frm);
        Memo.Align := alClient;
        Memo.Parent := Frm;
        Memo.ScrollBars := 3;
        Memo.Lines.Add('Listing for directory');
        if FindFirst('*.*', faAnyFile, Dir) = 0 then
            while FindNext(Dir) = 0 do

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2007-02-06 02:13

developer   ~0010698

What SVN version You use?
Record with strings issue was fixed in rev.11102

You can check this example with JVCL 3.30 - it works fine (dont forget FindClose call in the end of loop)

2007-02-19 05:30 (8,286 bytes)


2007-02-19 05:31

reporter   ~0011091

This sample is compiled with the todays build of JCL and JVCL.
So FindFirst and FindNext function don;t works properly. Because if you copy this code in real environment - then it works.


2007-02-23 04:06

developer   ~0011149

Last edited: 2007-02-23 08:43

The problem is the difference betwen TSearchRec structure
Your code works fine in D5 but does not work in D10. Now I cant chek from what version new type was introduced (maybe D6), so, You must wait until monday or try to apply temp code for JvInterpreter_Sysutils (line 2088):

    AddRec(cSysUtils, 'TSearchRec', SizeOf(TSearchRec), [
      RFD('Time', 0, varInteger),
      RFD('Size', 8, varInteger), //It was integer, but now is INT64!!!
      RFD('Attr', 16, varInteger),
      RFD('Name', 20, varString),
      RFD('ExcludeAttr', 24, varInteger),
      RFD('FindHandle', 28, varInteger)],
      JvInterpreter_NewTSearchRec, JvInterpreter_DisposeTSearchRec, nil);


2007-02-27 10:12

reporter   ~0011203

o! Its good. Thats ok.


2007-03-13 04:37

developer   ~0011305

fixed in SVN
New TSearchRecord type was introduced in D10 with Int64 file size (integer - before D10). Current solution supports up to 2^31 bytes files because interpreter does not support int64

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