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0004179JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2008-10-29 06:20
ReporterAndrew ShkuropiyAssigned Toobones 
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Platformwin32OSWindowsOS VersionXP SP2
Product Version3.30 
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Summary0004179: TJvRichEdit - is there any way to catch WM_DROPFILES message?
Descriptioni'm trying to use TJvRichEdit to catch pictures from Windows Explorer by dragging graphic files into rich text. I tried to use this API in TForm.OnCreate

DragAcceptFiles(JvRichEdit1.Handle, True);

to enable receiving of WM_DROPFILES notifications, that contains information about files dragged into RichEdit. After that I used message hook (TApplication.OnMessage) to catch message WM_DROPFILES adressed to JvRichEdit1.Handle, but it's not catching this message when I'm trying to dragdrop files from explorer. It's working on standard VCL TRichEdit, but it doesn't on TJvRichEdit.

Maybe I need to set up some additional properties of TJvRichEdit?
Can you advice something how to enable that messages?
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2007-07-16 13:25

developer   ~0013585

Last edited: 2007-07-16 13:26

If you set all of the following properties to true, you won't get a WM_DROPFILES notification:

 * AllowInPlace
 * AllowObjects
 * OleDragDrop

If you set one or more of these to false, it should work.

Note that changing these values will recreate the rich edit controls window, so you have to call DragAcceptFiles again

Andrew Shkuropiy

2007-07-29 14:17

reporter   ~0013605

Thank you, it's working if either AllowObjects or OleDragDrop set to false. But how to catch file's drag-drop if I need to display/operate OLE in TJvRichEdit?

Is there any other way to catch drag-drop events from Windows Explorer on TJvRichEdit?


2007-08-08 16:38

developer   ~0013622

Then you have to alter TRichEditOleCallback.QueryAcceptData; The following code is largely copied from JvDragDrop.pas:

function TRichEditOleCallback.QueryAcceptData(const dataObj: IDataObject;
  var cfFormat: TClipFormat; reco: DWORD; fReally: BOOL;
  DragH: Integer;
  Medium: TStgMedium;
  Name: string;
  Count, Len: Integer;
  Result := S_OK;

  if dataObj.GetData(FileDropFormatEtc, Medium) = S_OK then
      if not fReally then
        Result := S_False;

      DragH := Integer(GlobalLock(Medium.hGlobal));
        Count := DragQueryFile(DragH, Cardinal(-1), nil, 0);
        if Count = 1 then
          Len := DragQueryFile(DragH, 0, nil, 0);
          if Len > 0 then
            SetLength(Name, Len + 1);
            DragQueryFile(DragH, 0, PChar(Name), Len + 1);
            SetLength(Name, Len);

            Result := S_False;
    Result := E_FAIL;

Andrew Shkuropiy

2007-08-11 03:01

reporter   ~0013625

Thank you again! It works with such TFormatEtc record:

var FileDropFormatEtc: TFormatEtc;

  FileDropFormatEtc.cfFormat := CF_HDROP;
  FileDropFormatEtc.ptd := nil;
  FileDropFormatEtc.dwAspect := DVASPECT_CONTENT;
  FileDropFormatEtc.lindex := 0;
  FileDropFormatEtc.tymed := TYMED_HGLOBAL;

Don't you know, the developers of TJvRichEdit planned to extract some general OLEDragDrop events from IRichEditOLECallback interface in future versions of JVCL or not? (Something like TJvRichEdit.OnFileDrop, OnFileAccept etc)

These events can greately extend possibilities of RichEdit, especially for novices (like me), who still don't know all fine points of IRichEditOleCallback.


2007-10-12 08:17

administrator   ~0013929

What should I do with this issue?


2008-02-21 06:47

administrator   ~0014251

Any news?


2008-10-29 06:20

administrator   ~0014928

No news, closing the issue. Please create a new one if this is still present in the latest SVN version.

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