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0004361JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2008-08-12 01:34
ReportermooreAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.33 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.35 
Summary0004361: FixedCols and up/down keys error in JvDBGrid
DescriptionJust put the FixedCols property to 1 and add some records, then scroll with the down or up keys, the focus always goes to the first non fixed col even if you are in the third col for example, putting FixedCols to 0 the error disappears,

Addes sample project showing the issue..
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2008-05-28 04:31 (1,448 bytes)


2008-07-23 07:08

administrator   ~0014420

I'm seeing it just fine, but I can't figure out why it is happening.


2008-07-24 05:28

reporter   ~0014457

Hi, maybe I can help...

this workaround has solved the problem, but I don´t now if cause other problem...

I just commented the BeginUpdate and EndUpdate of procedure DoSelection on run/JvDbGrid.pas

-------- CODE ---------

procedure DoSelection(Select: Boolean; Direction: Integer);
    AddAfter: Boolean;
    AddAfter := False;
// BeginUpdate;
      if MultiSelect and DataLink.Active then
        if Select and (Shift * KeyboardShiftStates = [ssShift]) then
          if not FSelecting then
            {$IFDEF CLR}
            FSelectionAnchor := GetNonPublicProperty(SelectedRows, 'CurrentRow') as TBookmarkStr;
            FSelectionAnchor := TBookmarks(SelectedRows).CurrentRow;
            {$ENDIF CLR}
            SelectedRows.CurrentRowSelected := True;
            FSelecting := True;
            AddAfter := True;
            {$IFDEF CLR}
            AddAfter := DataSource.DataSet.CompareBookmarkStr(GetNonPublicProperty(SelectedRows, 'CurrentRow') as TBookmarkStr,
              FSelectionAnchor) <> -Direction;
            if AddAfter then
              SelectedRows.CurrentRowSelected := False;
            with TBookmarks(SelectedRows) do
              AddAfter := Compare(CurrentRow, FSelectionAnchor) <> -Direction;
              if not AddAfter then
                CurrentRowSelected := False;
            {$ENDIF CLR}
      if Direction <> 0 then
      if AddAfter then
        SelectedRows.CurrentRowSelected := True;
// EndUpdate;


2008-08-12 01:32

administrator   ~0014496

This is now in SVN

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