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0004386JEDI VCL04 Feature Requestpublic2008-10-25 07:34
ReportersnwAssigned ToAHUser 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.36 
Summary0004386: add Periodical property to TJvTrayIcon component
DescriptionTJvTrayIcon = class(TJvComponent)
    FDirection : integer;
    FPeriodical : boolean;
property Periodical : boolean read FPeriodical write FPeriodical;

procedure TJvTrayIcon.DoAnimation;
  if (tisTrayIconVisible in FState) and (FIcons <> nil) and (FIcons.Count >
0) then
    if IconIndex < 0 then
      IconIndex := 0
    if FPeriodical then
      if IconIndex=(FIcons.Count-1) then
         if IconIndex=0 then
      IconIndex := (IconIndex + FDirection) mod FIcons.Count;
    else IconIndex := (IconIndex + 1) mod FIcons.Count;
    if Assigned(FOnAnimate) then
      FOnAnimate(Self, IconIndex);
Additional Informationthis code change enables TJvTrayIcon to animate images forward and backward
periodically, so one doesnt have to load (n-1) images twice
(eg it was img1,img2,img3,img2,img1 in imagelist, now only img1,img2 and
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2008-07-15 01:08

administrator   ~0014380

Periodical is too broad a name. The period could be one every two image, or all backward. Please suggest another name.


2008-07-15 15:02

developer   ~0014382

What about AutoRotate?



2008-07-16 03:52

reporter   ~0014384

for me Periodical is fine, sinus is a periodical function right ?
how about CyclicRotate, CyclicAnimation. whatever :)


2008-07-16 06:02

administrator   ~0014385

yes, sine is periodical, so is square, triangle, cosine. But they are different, hence their different names.
AutoRotate suggests to me that it's the image that rotates not the animation.
What we have here, is more like "Back and Forth" but I'm no too happy with this either. And we should have a enumeration rather than a "boolean" property, just in case.


2008-10-25 07:33

developer   ~0014903

Added to SVN as "SwingForthAndBack: Boolean"

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