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0004422JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2008-10-25 09:54
ReporterR2D2-MasterAssigned ToAHUser 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.33 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.36 
Summary0004422: JvFBGrid Column Titles
DescriptionProblem is actualy with Version 3.34 it wasn't on list to select.

From version 3.34 'UseXPThemes' was added and it default to true.

The problem is the Column Names don't show when in the development screen if 'UseXPThemes' are set to 'True'. In Run Time it shows normal.
If you set 'UseXPThemes' to False then the Column names show in the development platform.
Additional InformationI Use Delphi 2007 all updates loaded. (Enable runtime Themes is Activated for the project)
Windows XP
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has duplicate 0004423 resolvedobones JvFBGrid Column Titles 


2008-08-14 07:10


Screen (192,554 bytes)


2008-09-17 02:49

reporter   ~0014606

Update: I see when the Table/Query is active in Design time it shows the column names but when the Table/Query is inactive in Design time. it don't show the column names.


2008-09-29 06:33

administrator   ~0014717

Well, yes. It cannot show the column names if it is not connected to the database...


2008-10-01 06:12

reporter   ~0014732

Its connected but not active, with the option UseXPThemes as False it shows the column titles when the data component is not active but it is connected.



2008-10-01 06:16

reporter   ~0014733

By connected i mean the data component Table/Query is available with fields defined, and the JvDBGrid is connected to the Table/Query component. But the Table/Query is not set to the Active Position.



2008-10-25 08:17

developer   ~0014904

Could you attach a small example application that demos the bug?
I can't reproduce this with a TClientDataSet.


2008-10-25 08:22

developer   ~0014905

While looking at another Mantis entry I found an example. It's the "Columns[].Title" that isn't shown by UseXPThemes.


2008-10-25 09:54

developer   ~0014907

Fixed in SVN.

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