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0004536JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2008-10-24 13:51
Reporteruweiq139Assigned ToAHUser 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionDaily / GIT 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.36 
Summary0004536: JvHotTrackPersistent.hpp 'System' is no element of 'system'
DescriptionErzeugen / Generate
  [BCC32 Fehler] Jvhottrackpersistent.hpp(62): E2316 'System' ist kein Element von 'System' / 'System' is no element of 'system'
  [BCC32 Fehler] Jvhottrackpersistent.hpp(62): E2303 Typname erwartet / Typename expected
  [BCC32 Fehler] Jvhottrackpersistent.hpp(62): E2275 { erwartet / { expected
Additional Information__interface IJvHotTrack;
typedef System::DelphiInterface<IJvHotTrack> _di_IJvHotTrack;
__interface INTERFACE_UUID("{8F1B40FB-D8E3-46FE-A7A3-21CE4B199A8F}") IJvHotTrack : public System::IInterface

Changed to:
__interface INTERFACE_UUID("{8F1B40FB-D8E3-46FE-A7A3-21CE4B199A8F}") IJvHotTrack : public IInterface

After changed, compiled without errors!
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2008-10-16 00:02

administrator   ~0014867

Which version of Delphi?
Which version of the JVCL?

And please note that the HPP files are not distributed with the JVCL, they are generated by the compiler. We thus do not have full control over them.


2008-10-23 21:40

reporter   ~0014894

The same error also causes me in CB2009. JVCL SVN revision is 11974.
However, it does not cause in CB2007.
I pre-processed source code using cpp32.exe.
It was outputted "class __declspec(uuid("{8F1B40FB-D8E3-46FE-A7A3-21CE4B199A8F}")) IJvHotTrack : public System::System::IInterface".

Although I thought whether to have been a bug of cpp32.exe of CB2009 and tried pre-process cygwin's cpp.
It was similarly outputted "System::System::IInterface".

The minimum project that this bug causes puts TJvComboBox on TForm using CB2009.


2008-10-24 13:45

developer   ~0014895

Here is the problem:

unit JvDataProvider;

{$HPPEMIT '#define IInterface System::IInterface'}

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