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0004629JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2008-12-22 06:17
ReporterStobrechAssigned Toobones 
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Product Version3.34 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.36 
Summary0004629: JvAppDBStorage should publish SubStorages property
DescriptionComponent JvAppDBStorage does not publish it's SubStorages property. This limits it's usability as it can't be used as a 'root' application storage. There shouldn't be any issues regarding this change since the actual SubStorage work is done by TJvCustomAppStorage superclass.
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2008-12-19 06:01

developer   ~0015114


if possible please create a small sample which shows the wrong behaviour.

I've never worked with DBAppstorage so this would make the support work a little bit easier :-)

Greetings and thanks

2008-12-19 12:09 (2,595 bytes)


2008-12-19 12:09

reporter   ~0015116

I have enclosed a small application that uses JvAppIniFileStorage as a 'root' storage, and a JvAppDBStorage as a substorage. The hierarchy is made by adding DBStorage with a RootPath='level2' into IniFileStorage.SubStorages.

The problem is you can't make it the other way round - JvAppDBStorage as a 'root' storage, and a JvAppIniFileStorage as a substorage - simply because the property SubStorages isn't published in JvAppDBStorage class. The property itself is defined as protected property in it's JvCustomAppStorage ancestor class.

I think it is safe to do. It is published in all other JvCustomAppStorage descendants (IniFileStorage, XMLFileStorage, RegistryFileStorage and AppStorage). JvAppStorage class actually does nothing but raise exceptions in all method implementations, but still publishes SubStorages property and works fine as a root container for other storages.

Besides, I changed it here myself and it works fine :) .


2008-12-22 06:17

administrator   ~0015167

Property is now published in SVN

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