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0004714JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2009-04-29 14:42
ReporterpaulwhAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.36 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.37 
Summary0004714: JvOrganizeFavoritesDialog not working for IE8
DescriptionJvOrganizeFavoritesDialog fails to work once Internet Explorer 8 installed.
Opens a empty window.
Was working fine prior with IE7
Tried Delphi 2005PE and 2009
Using JVCL 3.3.6
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2009-03-22 19:03

administrator   ~0015336

IE8 has only been out for two (2) days, and you expect us to support it?
Considering the past record of Microsoft with respect to Internet Explorer, it's not even worth considering the new version until the first service pack is even out.


2009-03-22 22:33

reporter   ~0015337

Yes I would expect you support it else remove it from the package.
I am not asking for this immediately, I was just raising it as an issue as I am sure there will be a large number of computer users who install IE8 (or it is installed through auto updatess!) and you have a component that invokes the organize favorites dialog (only for internet explorer) that will no longer work for these users?

2009-03-24 21:57


DoOpenFavDlg.png (12,090 bytes)
DoOpenFavDlg.png (12,090 bytes)


2009-03-24 21:58

developer   ~0015346

Works for me. I have attached a screenshot.

2009-03-25 00:39


OpenFavDialogXP.PNG (9,621 bytes)
OpenFavDialogXP.PNG (9,621 bytes)


2009-03-25 00:41

reporter   ~0015348

Is this in Vista? I have attached a screenshot of what I get in XP. Have tried this on 2 different XP computers with IE8

Thanks Paul


2009-03-26 19:32

developer   ~0015356

I can't reproduce this with XP either. But for Delphi 2009 you need to update to the newest revision because there was a unicode related bug in that components (PWideChar instead of PAnsiChar)


2009-04-29 14:42

administrator   ~0015471

Assuming this is fixed in SVN

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