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0004798JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2009-07-02 22:27
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Summary0004798: Database Actions time problem
When use JvDatabaseSingleRecordWindowAction1 from Database Actions , time fields never change after post. All other fields can change but time fields can't change.
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related to 0004845 resolvedAHUser TJvDBDateTimePicker not posting changes back to the database 



2009-05-30 19:57

developer   ~0015570

Could you create a small sample showing the problem.

Kind regards


2009-06-06 13:49

reporter   ~0015622

If the date or time fields will be automatically recognized. And use calendar in this fields.
But when i start test program it use normal editbox in date and time fields.
In my old project calendar can scroll.
may be this is diffrent bug.
I use test
Delphi 7
Jedi 3.36
Firebird 2.1.2

2009-06-06 14:07 (842,631 bytes)

2009-06-06 14:07


test_new project.JPG (37,966 bytes)
test_new project.JPG (37,966 bytes)

2009-06-06 14:08


my_own Project.JPG (39,870 bytes)
my_own Project.JPG (39,870 bytes)


2009-06-28 18:31

developer   ~0015730


I can't use your example directly because I don't have firebird.

But i converted it to a TClientDatasource and there I can't see any failure. (Have a look at the attached sample).

To get the calender and time edit specialiced controls you had to include the JvDynControlEngineJVCLDB unit (or the JvDynControlEngineDevExpcxDb if you have the devexpress controls).
The default DyncontrolEngine does not include Date/Time controls, because the default vcl does not include these components.

Uncomment the line in my sample and you get your edit controls.

Kind regards

2009-06-28 18:32 (4,264 bytes)

2009-07-01 11:35 (952,723 bytes)


2009-07-01 11:38

reporter   ~0015739

I add new file .
Please test change time field. if you change time field and post.
it will set otomaticly 00:00:00


2009-07-02 22:24

developer   ~0015742

It's not a problem of the JvDatabaseSingleRecordWindowAction as you have mentioned in your subject.

It's a problem of the TJvDBDateTimePicker.

Ive never seen this before, because i'm using the devexpress components :-)

So i will close this issue and try to create new with the correct subject.

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