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0004853JEDI VCL03 Donationspublic2009-09-22 16:42
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Summary0004853: Component Donation
DescriptionComponent Donation
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2009-07-08 15:53 (86,570 bytes)


2009-07-09 14:20

administrator   ~0015807


First, thank you for considering donating your components to the JVCL.
However, I'm having a hard time deciding what to do with this donation.
You did not give much indication and I'm missing the following critical pieces of information:

License they are currently under
Complete list of author names
Documentation of their added value
What benefit they have with respect to the existing JVCL controls
Level of implication you want to have in maintaining those once integrated

It would be very nice of you if you could clarify those points.



2009-08-04 09:37

administrator   ~0015904

Hello, any news?


2009-08-04 15:06

reporter   ~0015915

Olivier i am very sorry for the very late response i've propably miss placed or overlooked the first notification message from your post.

Component pack since then has a new version and if you decide to integrate them
i will of course resend the new sources.

Answering to your questions :

1)Complete list of author names :
 I am the author of all Components.
 If any resources or are not mine are mentioned in to the source code files where they are used.
 Should i collect all the resource and make a list out of them?

2)Documention of their added value
 If i understand correctly you are asking if these components practically are used? Well if that the question i am sorry i can not answer that.I sure do use them.

3)What benefit they have with respect to the existing JVCL controls
 I guess the benefit would be to select a component(s) from the pack that does something or fill a need that is not covered by the current JVCL pack release

4)Level of implication you want to have in maintaining those once integrated
If my skills are needed regarding maintnaining these components up to date i would be more than glad to do so.

5)License they are currently under
 Under GNU.

Kind Regards
and sorry for the late response

Trifidis George


2009-08-05 10:45

administrator   ~0015919

Hello again,

1. That's fine
2. What I wanted is details of what you think these components bring over the regular components. What new properties, what behavior?
3. Yes, of course, but what are those needs?
4. That would be ideal
5. Well, that's the blocking point

The JVCL is released under the MPL which is not compatible with the GPL so I'm afraid we won't be able to accept your donation.
We can't and won't change the current license for the JVCL and as far as I know, the GPL forbids you to change the licensing as well.



2009-08-05 11:14

reporter   ~0015924

Hello Olivier

As i see we have common ground on issues 1 & 4.

2)Documention of their added value
 Unfortunely their is no complete documentation(i am still writing it)
So i could give you an example or two about what new some of the components bring.

3)What benefit they have with respect to the existing JVCL controls
JVCL has so many controls so i can not really if there are some controls that do same job.
For example i have a Thread based Timer,a StatusBar that can have any type of control into a panel,an Delphi IP Edit control,a benchmark component that measures the run time of a procedure,function,and the list can go on.

5)License they are currently under
About licensing i believe that there is no issue here because i did not register any of the components to be released with a specific licence i've just put a licence text file into the pack.
Unless that text file bounds my work with a specific licence???
I would not have any problem for the pack to be released under MPL.

As i understand i should be more prepared for example to have a complete documentation - help file and then re-submit my components correct?

Trifidis George.


2009-08-06 15:47

administrator   ~0015949

The GPL is very strict and what can and cannot be done with a source code. Once it has been released under a given license, it cannot be changed. I believe that putting a text file in the archive means that the whole archive is subject to the GPL.
And because the GPL and MPL are not compatible (see for details), I'm afraid we can't accept your donation because it is took risky and that many developers and users are strongly attached to the MPL license for it allows usage of the code in proprietary derived works.


2009-08-11 10:23

reporter   ~0015977

Hello, obones. I checked out this component pack. My opinion is that there is nothing to integrate in JCL/JVCL - at least all is already in JCL/JVCL. All other components can be built basing on JCL/JVCL. And as I think they are not every day usage. They are not bad, but there will be a lot of work to integrate them into JVCL...I found only few components that will be really good to have in JVCL.


2009-09-22 16:42

administrator   ~0016142

As I said, I'm grateful for your proposition but we can't accept it.

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