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0004859JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2009-09-23 16:48
ReporterkorecekAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.37 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.39 
Summary0004859: C++ Builder ambiguity when TBitmap is in the parameters of an event handler
DescriptionInside TJvPluginManager, there is incompatibility problem in function prototype of the OnNewCommad Event function which show errors:
[C++ Error] PlugInDemoU.h(49): E2015 Ambiguity between 'TBitmap'
and 'Windows::TBitmap'
[C++ Error] PlugInDemoU.cpp(102): E2015 Ambiguity between
'TBitmap' and 'Windows::TBitmap'

Function prototype is following:
 void __fastcall uilPluginManagerNewCommand(TObject *Sender,
          AnsiString ACaption, AnsiString AHint, AnsiString AData,
          TShortCut AShortCut, TBitmap *ABitmap, TNotifyEvent AEvent);

I checked BCB Compatibility Guide and I think that it could be already
described problem.
(... "{$HPPEMIT '#define SOMETYPE SomeDomain::SOMETYPE'}" )
Additional InformationThis happens for the following event handler types:

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2009-07-09 16:49


SimplePluginBCB.ZIP (11,973 bytes)


2009-08-12 16:20

reporter   ~0015985

I little experimented and I am not able to find any simple
What is worse during my tests I found very same problem in
another component. It is TJvXPBar component and its OnDrawItem
Event. The OnDrawItem Event function also has TBitmap
parameter and if I add this Event function into the project I
also got error :
E2015 Ambiguity between 'TBitmap' and 'Windows::TBitmap'

At the moment I thing that it is not only JvPluginManager
problem but it is more general problem in OnEventXXX function
interfaces (if there is used TBitmap *ABitmap parameter.)


2009-08-12 17:12

administrator   ~0015986

Just so you know, I just tried to drop a JvXPBar under BCB2006, I did not have such problem.
This seems to be very specific to C6


2009-08-12 18:22

administrator   ~0015987

Ok, I tried with your sample application. To fix the issue, just add this line:

#define TBitmap Graphics::TBitmap

It needs to be added in PlugInDemoU.h just before the TForm1 declaration.

I also tried creating a blank application in C6 and drop a TJvXPBar, and the same fix applies. I'm not sure it can be added in the generated hpp files though.


2009-08-12 22:44

administrator   ~0015988

I have updated the issue title and additional details to mention the 4 instances where this happens in the JVCL.
I'm looking for a solution, but nothing ideal came up yet.


2009-08-13 22:54

reporter   ~0015997

> This seems to be very specific to C6

The definition of "#define TBitmap Graphics::TBitmap" as you
described works quite in BCB6 but also in BCB2006. (I experimented in the file too but bad way and on bad place ... :-( )
1. First I added following conditional definition into PlugInemoU.h :
/* Use definition only in BCB6 */
#if ( __BCPLUSPLUS__ <= 0x0564 )
#define TBitmap Graphics::TBitmap
2. I added a new Command 4 into Plugin DLL
3. I create also same Simple Plugin project under BCB2006.
   (But not from blank project but converted from BCB6...)
4. I compiled both projects under BCB2006 and I got known above
   described E2015 error
5. I commented out #if .. and #endif rows and compilation under
   BCB2006 was successful.
6. Updated example included ...

So I guess that the problem is most probably relative to BCB2006 too.

2009-08-13 22:56


SimplePluginBCBx.ZIP (33,580 bytes)


2009-08-14 10:08

administrator   ~0015998

Actually it shows up in all versions that I tested, that means C6, RS2006, RS2007 and RS2009
There is a solution, but it means changing the event handlers for everyone, including the delphi side.


2009-09-23 16:48

administrator   ~0016163

TJvBitmap has been added in JvJVCLUtils and used instead of TBitmap. This solves the issue and is now in SVN

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