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0004954JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2009-09-23 09:54
ReporterSeanBDurkinAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.38 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.39 
Summary0004954: JvFullColorDialog does not show the old colour and the new colour selected - in Delphi 2007 with Themes ON
DescriptionThis defect report is a continuation of 4939. This issue was marked as resolved, perhaps prematurely. As I don't have the authority to re-open issues, and the issue is not yet resolved, this issue report will capture additional information about the issue.

Please read issue report 4939 ("JvFullColorDialog does not show the old colour and the new colour selected") first.

The appearance of this issue is dependant on whether you are using themes and the version of Delphi you are using. For example I am using Delphi 2007, which by default has Themes turned on. In Delphi 2007, the "colour boxes" TLabels in unit JvFullColorForm are invisible. But if I switch to Delphi 7 (which has Themes turned off), the colour boxes are visible as expected.
Additional InformationHere is a fragment of text from the file JvFullColorForm.dfm, downloaded today from (dated Thu Aug 27 2009 09:02)
  object LabelDrawOld: TLabel
    Left = 240
    Top = 32
    Width = 81
    Height = 41
    AutoSize = False
    Color = clBlack
    ParentColor = False
    OnClick = LabelDrawOldClick
Notice the explicit absense of the Transparent property? When a property is absent from a dfm file, then it takes the value of the property's default value.
What is the default value for the Transparent property? It depends on whether or not Themes are turned on, which in turn may depend on the version of Delphi.

Please note this comment from the StdCtrls unit (in the constructor for TCustomLabel):

  { The "default" value for the Transparent property depends on
    if you have Themes available and enabled or not. If you have
    ever explicitly set it, that will override the default value. }

There may even be an operating system dependency, as in some environments, Themes will not be available, thus affecting the default value for the Transparent property.

The defect is real, reproducable and significant.
The solution has been described in Mantis report 4939 and will be trivial to implement.
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related to 0004939 resolvedobones JvFullColorDialog does not show the old colour and the new colour selected. 



2009-09-23 02:11

reporter   ~0016154

I don't have authority to set relationships, but obviously there this issue is a child of, or related to issue 4939.


2009-09-23 09:54

administrator   ~0016158

Ah yes, good catch, I did not notice that change (it's in BDS2006 as well).
This is now fixed in SVN

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