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0004955JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2009-10-01 10:47
ReporterEMBarbosaAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.38 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.39 
Summary0004955: jvWaitingProgress if you activate it freezes the application (or Delphi if is design time)
Description  In Delphi, put an new jvWaitingProgress in a form. use Object inspector to change property Active to true. It will start the waiting, but will not leave this state.
  if you do this in runtime, using := true; the same occurrs.
Additional Informationusing Delphi 7 (not 7.1)
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related to 0004965 resolvedobones Freezes on TJvWaitingProgress.OnEnded event with showmessage. 



2009-09-23 23:21

reporter   ~0016177

I tryed to track down the issue. but i can't install JVCL with debug now...
anyway, trying to step into in the code, I found that after the time expires the
call of FOndraw in procedure TJvImageDrawThread.Draw (line 79 in JvImageDrawThread.pas) in some way call procedure EnterCriticalSection; external kernel32 name 'EnterCriticalSection' and never return...
  Sorry can't do more about it for now. :(


2009-09-24 10:11

administrator   ~0016180

You MUST apply all updates for your Delphi version, we don't support non updated versions.
Please do so and try again.


2009-09-24 15:31

reporter   ~0016187

I've installed delphi 7.1 update and database suplemental update. tested, same error.
  Uninstalled JCL+JVCL, installed again, but still same error, nothing changes :ยด(
  Must I install any other update? (must add that version 330 was used without any error and no need of updates)
  Also I've added a new issue, that occurrs in instalation (both, Delphi 7 or 7.1) and may be related...number 4957 ->


2009-09-25 19:30

reporter   ~0016194

Hi all,
  Issue 4957 is solved by changing path of the instalation of JVCL, but it din't help this issue. :o(
  So it is not related after all.
  it is realy simple to test, put a jvWaitingprogress on form, change it to active true and wait the time.... it will realy never stop, neither in designtime.


2009-09-30 18:32

reporter   ~0016204

Eh!! That was good. I tried to reproduce and my IDE just hung up.. COOL!
Just put it to Active and wait when it reach the end, after that IDE just goes not responding.


2009-10-01 10:18

administrator   ~0016206

Ah, that was the part that was missing: One MUST wait for the progress to reach its end to see the lockup.


2009-10-01 10:47

administrator   ~0016207

This is now fixed in SVN

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