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0005003JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2009-11-02 19:01
ReporterZENsanAssigned ToAHUser 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionDaily / GIT 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.39 
Summary0005003: JvAppEvent cause unforeseen bugs when using with JvDebugHandler.
DescriptionWhen you TJvAppEvents to your application where TJvDebugHandler was used, you get doubled exceptions.
1) Exception dialog which is called from OnOtherDestination (in my sample). So for that this component was designed..
2) And then you get the default windows exception messagebox!

And all because of some "MultiCaster.DoException" from JvAppEvents.
Additional Information1) Run project, you will see the exception like it must be.
2) Then uncomment the line in uses clause of Unit1.pas and run again - you will get the exception twice.
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2009-11-02 17:53

reporter   ~0016849

I think problem is raised from fix for 0004290.
The solution can be simple. By changing this Application.OnExeption on when TJvAppEvents.OnException is assigned. But there must be a way to avoid calling this exception dialogs twice.


2009-11-02 18:35

developer   ~0016850

The problem is not JvAppEvents but the inclusion of the unit AppEvnts. If the VCL unit is in a uses clause, TJvDebugHandler will always call the original handler which shows the default exception dialog.

The mentioned "simple solution" doesn't work because AppEvnts create the TMultiCaster in its initialization block.


2009-11-02 19:01

developer   ~0016851

Fixed in SVN.

TJvDebugHandler now uses the AppEvnts unit itself.

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