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0005011JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2012-02-29 16:53
ReportertetarddAssigned Toobones 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.45 
Summary0005011: JvListView: the jv Groups have less functionality than the ones in D2009+
DescriptionUse of GroupView in TListView vs TJvListView:

CodeGear's VCL TListGroup are much more advanced than TJvListViewGroups in terms of functionality (they have for example the ability to change footer, header, state, subtitle, etc.).
Bring TJvListViewGrpups to the standard of functionality found in the native VCL code.
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2009-11-09 09:22

administrator   ~0016864

Well, please try to do so, in a manner that also works for pre D2009 versions in any Windows XP as well.


2009-11-22 17:54

reporter   ~0016898

Obones: No need to be snotty in your answer.

If you think about it, it takes 2 minutes to do. I just tried it and it work perfectly well:

Test for the compiler version and compile the JvGroup code ONLY IF prior to the introduction of groups in Delphi's VCL (D2009 I believe).
I use D2009, I just commented out all the Jedi code in TJvListView dealing with group definitions (i.e. to simulate that not being compiled) and now, I have access to the VCl's groups with the full functionality.
For those who don't have D2009 or above, the lines would compile and they'd have what they miss. Simple request really.


2009-11-24 11:13

administrator   ~0016900

Well, I'm not being snotty or anything else, it's just that I don't see the point in using TJvListView if the TListView in D2009 is better. Hence my remark about providing an implementation for previous versions that work with all possible operating systems.
But then again, maybe I missed your point...


2009-11-24 13:33

reporter   ~0016901

Yes, I think you missed my point. If you re-read my post, you'll see that nowhere I said that TListView is better than TJvListView. What I said is that the implementation of the GroupView is much better in the original VCL.
What do you do then if you need both the added functionalities of TJvListView and the better GroupView management of TListView?

In my opinion, TJvListView should not have anything in it that take a move backward in terms of functionalities from the original VCL code. Currently, it is the case for the group view. And I believe it should be your ethos too, that's why you derive TJvListView from TListView, right, to add functionalities, not remove some?

My suggestion is then to remove that backward step by simply coding TJvListView better, maybe using compiler directives, as suggested in my second post.

Hope that is clearer.


2009-12-04 15:28

administrator   ~0016946

So whay you are saying is that the properties for group management in TJvListView take precedence over those in TListView and as such prevent from using those from TListView.
Is that correct?


2010-03-09 12:20

administrator   ~0017288



2010-03-09 13:30

reporter   ~0017291

Yes, that's correct. What I therefore suggested is maybe have a compiler directive: if you have D2009 with OS > Windows XP, you don't use the TJvListView group management code but the VCL's one.


2010-10-08 15:16

administrator   ~0017784

This is now in SVN

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