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0005205JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2010-10-08 14:55
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Summary0005205: 0005195: Cannot change LookupDisplayIndex in runtime
I try to change the LookupDisplayIndex in runtime when someone presses the arrowkeys, the index number does change but when typing text it is still looking in the same collumn (the one wich index =0).
I think it would be helpfull when it would be possible to change the LookupDisplayIndex so you can search on several columns.

The reported issue is not solved quite ideal, I can now change the LookupDisplayIndex in runtime, only to be able to search in the next column after changing the LookupDisplayIndex I have to close the popup first and than drop down again. that is not the most ideal situation. Can you make it so that LookupDisplayIndex is changed and the user is able to search in the next column without closing the popup?

Rob Nowee
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related to 0005195 resolvedAHUser Cannot change LookupDisplayIndex in runtime 



2010-04-02 12:52

developer   ~0017341

Maybe you can use the OnDropDown event to set the LookupDisplayIndex.


2010-10-08 14:55

administrator   ~0017771

No reaction, assuming this is ok

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