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0005266JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2012-02-29 16:55
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Product Version3.39 
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Summary0005266: Error in JvCsvDataSet Filter
DescriptionDear All,
I've faced problem with JvCsvDataSet Filter.
I shall be grateful, if anyone can solve it.
I've attached files, and made it very simple.

JvCsvDataSet Filter returns a Result, even when non-matching Criteria is given.
In the program, when "Box" or "Carton" is selected, result is fine (correctly filtered); but when "Garments" is selected, it returns the first record from database (csv file) although there are NO record(s) of Garments in the database.

Any solution ??

Thank u all in advance.
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2010-06-18 15:47


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2010-10-08 16:01

administrator   ~0017807

Thanks, someone with DB knowledge will have to look at this


2010-11-27 15:11

developer   ~0018181

Fixed in svn revision 12908.
RecordCount always returned all records even if a filter was specified. But you shouldn't use RecordCount to iterate over a DataSet anyway. A "while not JvCsvDataSet1.Eof do" loop is the better way and it would have worked because EOF is set correctly.

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