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0005299JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2012-02-29 16:53
ReporterGreyWolf1983Assigned Toobones 
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Product Version3.38 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.45 
Summary0005299: With certain settings, captions of pages of TJvgPageControl are not displayed on x64 Windows 7
DescriptionWhen I use TJvgPageControl and set its TabPosition to tpLeft and TabsPosition to fsdTop, on 64-bit versions of Windows 7 caption text of TabSheets are not displayed. I use Delphi 7 to create executable.
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2010-08-15 09:48


display_error.png (1,033 bytes)
display_error.png (1,033 bytes)


2010-08-15 21:37

administrator   ~0017582

The Globus components (those with Jvg prefixes) are being deprecated.
The recommended replacement for TJvgPageControl is TJvPageControl which should contain all the functionality you need minus the bugs in the "Globus" versions.


2010-08-16 18:24

reporter   ~0017585

Thank you for suggestion, but TJvPageControl does not have ability to layout tabs' caption text horizontally in case when tabs are located at the left of control, not at the top. TJvPageControl renders such tabs caption text in vertical direction, from bottom to top, while I need horizontal, left to right. The problem is that personally I don't have access to x64 bit system, so I can't reproduce and try to fix this issue, which was reported by users of my program.


2010-09-16 02:29

reporter   ~0017677

I have the same issue with TJvgPageControl - when TabPosition is tpLeft and TabsPosistion is fsdLeft I set the FontDirection to fldDownUp and the caption on tab sheet is not shown. I have traced this to change in JvgPage.pas where JvJVCLUtils was put into the uses clause after JvgUtils. I have swapped these two around and caption is now working for above mentioned settings.

After that I have also changed other units that had JvJVCLUtils unit added after JvgUtils unit. Here is the list of changes. I have only tested the above mentioned change.

JvgAskListBox.pas moved JvJVCLUtils before JvgUtils
JvgCrossTable.pas moved JvJVCLUtils from implementation to interface uses after JvComponentBase
JvgImage.pas moved JvJVCLUtils from implementation to interface uses after JvComponent
JvgPage.pas moved JvJVCLUtils before JvgUtils
JvgShadow.pas moved JvJVCLUtils before JvgUtils
JvgTab.pas moved JvJVCLUtils from implementation to interface uses after JVCLVer


2010-09-16 09:09

administrator   ~0017678

I would very much prefer if you could find out which function of JvJVCLUtils is the culprit.


2010-09-16 09:46

reporter   ~0017679

In case of JvgPage.pas it was CreateRotatedFont function that was causing the issue. Version in JvJVCLUtils has the same signature as JvgUtils but code in JvgPage.pas must expect the version from JvgUtils.

As I said I haven't tested other units that had the JvJVCLUtils unit added to uses clause after JvgUtils unit but since the changes to the rest of the code were minimal I believe that for those units JvgUtils should come after JvJVCLUtils in uses clause. Even the naming convention suggests the same, JvJVCLUtils is the collection of utilities for the entire JVCL and JvgUtils is the collection for just the Globus components so it should be preferred to common unit in Jvg* units.


2010-10-11 10:19

administrator   ~0017864

This is now changed in SVN

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