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0005304JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2012-02-29 16:53
ReporterralfiiiAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.39 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.45 
Summary0005304: Added features to TJvRollOut
DescriptionI've been using and expanding the JvRollOut Panel for some time.
Unfortunately my changes are based on an old version.
Now I want to feed back my changes to the repository.
Before I merge my changes into the newest release I'd like to know if the functionality id of interest. If not then I don't have to invest time unnecessarily. Simply tell me what functions I should merge into the newest release version and which not.

The attached project can be compiled with the newest build, then it will show some problems where I can offer fixes (the attached exe was compiled with the modified component).

1.) if a component is not anchored to the top then it can hide the rollout-button when the panel is collaped.
Fix: remember visibility of child controls, hide them when collapsing and on expand restore old visiblity.

2.) In a window several panels can be set in a row, one below the next one. If all panels are expanded this can be too big for the parent form.
Fix: To address that I added a property SmartExpand. If this is set then the rollout tries to collapse the panels above and get the necessary place that way.
(ATT: This is not the same this as grouping, as other panels are only collapsed if necessary)
If this is not enough then the panel floats above the form.
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2010-08-19 15:25 (232,147 bytes)

2010-08-19 15:29


floating.jpg (17,184 bytes)
floating.jpg (17,184 bytes)


2010-08-20 11:40

administrator   ~0017589

This looks very interesting indeed.
Would be quite nice if you could create the diff


2010-08-24 11:48

reporter   ~0017621

In our modification we also added a button font.

That way the RollOutPanel can use parentfont so that all contained controls use the font of the parent form and still the button has it's own destinctive appearance. (see screenshot)

Should I merge that also into the current source or should I leave that the way it is now?


2010-08-25 16:36

reporter   ~0017624

Attached is a zip-file of the modified file.
A patch doesn't pay off, too many lines have been changed.

2010-08-25 16:36 (9,688 bytes)


2010-08-25 16:38

reporter   ~0017625

Btw: Changes have been marked with "//!" comments
Feel free to remove them


2010-10-11 09:07

administrator   ~0017856

I'd really want a diff file, it makes my life very much easier, even if there were many changes. Removing //! comments takes too much time.

2010-10-14 11:08 (5,558 bytes)


2010-10-14 11:08

reporter   ~0017888

Patch added


2010-11-09 15:38

administrator   ~0018062

Thank you, this is now in SVN.
Please, next time, try to follow the JVCL style guide, it will make integration easier.

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