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0005323JEDI VCL02 Installationpublic2012-02-29 16:53
ReporterjfudickarAssigned Toobones 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.45 
Summary0005323: Problem after adding SMImport Support to the JvDB-R.xml

after adding the following line to the xml-file
    <Package Name="SMImportXEr" Targets="d15" Condition="USE_3RDPARTY_SMIMPORT"/>

I've got the error message "SMImportXEr.bpl not found."
The problem is that the option is not activated in the include file.

And more funny:
Then I press "ok" and after that "< Back" and "Install".
No I've got "Package 'SMExportD7.bpl" not found. (In the smexport is also not activated).
Then i close the installer and call again "makemodified.bat" and the D7 is compiled without any problems :-)

Kind regards
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2010-10-01 23:18

developer   ~0017740

Now I could describe the situation better.

The list of checked options is not resetted for each compiler version.

In the moment that a special option is activated in a compiler version it could not be deactivated in a later version.

SMExport is activated in D2010 and deactivated in DXE.

In Delphi XE the SMExport is also in the JVDB.dpk included.


2010-10-04 08:38

administrator   ~0017741

This should not happen, unless you have not specifically selected the IDE version in the installer but instead left the "all version" item selected


2010-10-04 23:35

developer   ~0017742

Hi Olivier,

I know that it should not happen, but ... :-)

And a "all version" checkbox/option does not exists for the version JVCL<version>.inc file. These options only could be changed version by version

Have a look at the attached files.

I've activated SMImport/SMExport in D2009, and deactivated them in D2010, DXE.
You can see this in the attached include files.
But if you have a look into the generated JVCB.dpk files, you can see that the SMImport/SMExport options are part of the requires sections for D2010 and DXE.

And this leads to problems, if they don't exist.

Kind regards

2010-10-04 23:36 (6,523 bytes)

2010-10-04 23:36 (6,525 bytes)

2010-10-04 23:36 (6,451 bytes)

2010-10-04 23:37


JvDB.dpk.d12 (4,182 bytes)

2010-10-04 23:37


JvDB.dpk.d14 (4,182 bytes)

2010-10-04 23:38


JvDB.dpk.d15 (4,176 bytes)


2010-10-11 11:19

administrator   ~0017873

This is now fixed in SVN

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