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0005341JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2012-02-29 16:53
ReportertetarddAssigned Toobones 
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Product VersionDaily / GIT 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.45 
Summary0005341: Add BeginUpdate/EndUpdate to TJvScrollBox
DescriptionTJvScrollBox are meant to receive controls, sometimes these are buid at run-time and that can have ugly flickering effect on the scroll box while it's being populated.

It would be nice to have BeginUpdate/EndUpdate procedures added to it that send a wm_SetRedraw message to block refreshing the display.

Should also apply to TPanel, if there is such a thing as a TjvPanel.

Additional Information
    FLockCount : Integer;


Procedure TJvScrollBox.BeginUpdate;
     If FLockCount = 1 Then
          SendMessage(Handle, wm_SetRedraw, Ord(False), 0);

Procedure TJvScrollBox.EndUpdate;
     If FLockCount = 0 Then
         SendMessage(Handle, wm_SetRedraw, Ord(True), 0);
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2010-09-30 00:09

developer   ~0017727

Did you have a sample showing this problem?

Kind regards


2010-09-30 10:30

reporter   ~0017728

My project is too big and confidential to send to you to illustrate it.

However, it can be easy to simulated:

Procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender : TObject);
   i : Integer;
     { Remove remark to fix the flicker: }
     // SendMessage(ScrollBox1.Handle, wm_SetRedraw, Ord(False), 0);
     For i := 1 To 1000 Do
          With TLabel.Create(Self) Do
               Parent := ScrollBox1;
               Left := 0;
               Top := i * 20;
          // Simulate lengthy configuring of the newly created TLabel control:
     { Remove remarks to fix the flicker: }
     // SendMessage(ScrollBox1.Handle, wm_SetRedraw, Ord(True), 0);
     // ScrollBox1.Refresh;

When I observed it, I googled for the problem to find a suggested answer and found that some others encountered it too and had to use the trick proposed above in their code (SendMessage with wm_SetRedraw, as shown above) so I thought that the components itself should handle the locking of refresh as suggested, using a BeginUpdate/EndUpdate mechanism (as is found in TListView).

NB: In essence, this should have been part of the VCL in the first place but Borland/CodeGear/Embarcadero didn't do a good job with that.


2010-09-30 15:42

reporter   ~0017730

OK, I found a problem with my suggestion. If your scroll box contains VCL controls, it works well but if it contains frames, they are not repainted, which is worse than the flicker so I suggest either ditch this suggestion and let's live with the flicker or somebody might know a way to repaint the frames fully (calling Invalidate/refresh for the scroll box or frames does not work).


2010-09-30 16:29

reporter   ~0017731

Found a possible solution: instead of calling Refresh after sending the wm_SetRedraw message, do:

RedrawWindow(ScrollBox1.handle, Nil, 0, RDW_ERASE or RDW_INVALIDATE or

The EndUpdate would then look like:

Procedure TJvScrollBox.EndUpdate;
     If FLockCount = 0 Then
         SendMessage(Handle, wm_SetRedraw, Ord(True), 0);
         RedrawWindow(ScrollBox1.handle, Nil, 0, RDW_ERASE or RDW_INVALIDATE or


2010-10-08 16:40

administrator   ~0017841

I'm sorry, but if would make our testing easier if you could provide the zipped sources of a sample application showing this

2010-10-12 13:36


Demo JvScrollBox (562,382 bytes)


2010-10-12 13:38

reporter   ~0017877

I uploaded a demo. Simply run it and execute it with and without the check box ticked (to use or not a BeginUpdate/EndUpdate mechanism). Also in the zip file is my proposed changes to TJvScrollBox that was used to create the demo.


2010-11-09 15:10

administrator   ~0018060

Thanks, this is now integrated in SVN.
Next time, please to try to respect the JVCL style guide, it will make integration easier.

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