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0005355JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2011-06-07 17:23
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Product Version3.40 
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Summary0005355: JvDBImage does not recognize .jpg image
DescriptionAdvantage database \ Delphi7 \ WindowsNT

I downloaded the jcl and jvcl components few days ago from source forge as the JvDBImage supports jpg images along with bmp.

When trying to load the .jpg image into the ads database I get an error that
the image is not valid.

I read a post about registering the class for EXIF type of JPEG image in the
GraphicSignatureNeeded () procedure. But cannot find the procedure in
JvDBImage.pas nor can I find the JvGraphics.pas

I do see that older versions of JvDBImage.pas had the GraphicSignatureNeeded () procedure. How do I fix this problem as I suspect this might be an exif jpg.


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2010-10-08 09:09

administrator   ~0017760

You must have the jpeg unit in your uses


2010-10-08 13:44

reporter   ~0017761

Thanks for your response. I do have jpeg in my uses. I ahev been able to load other jpg images to some other records. Its just these two photos for one particular record taht are giving me this error. SO I wondered if they were exif type of jpeg and if they needed registering in the GraphicSignatureNeeded () procedure.

The post I read said to add the line of code below to the GraphicSignatureNeeded() procedure.

RegisterGraphicSignature('Exif', 6, TJPEGImage);

Where do I add this line as I dont see a Graphics.pas or a procedure in JvDBIMage.pas to add this line of code to.



2010-10-08 13:51

administrator   ~0017762

There is no Graphics.pas in the JVCL because Graphics is from Delphi itself.

Just make sure your images are real jpeg images. Dump them to file and try to edit them with a picture editor that will tell you what format they are in.

Note that I don't think EXIF would be a problem, it's just an additional field in the file, ignored when rendering the image

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