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0005401Issuetrackerbugtrackerpublic2012-06-13 11:28
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Summary0005401: localised e-mails are corrupt
DescriptionMy Mantis UI is russian.

So, Mantis tries to send e-mails in russian.

It obviously have localised mail templates.
But it also obviously fails at detecting charset of rus template and/or converting it to e-mail's charset.
Steps To Reproducejuse getting notification, password reminder or other e-mail in russian
Additional InformationLook attached msg as plain text file

headers is okay. latin-ettered text is okay.
but all canned russian text was replaced with question signs.
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2010-11-12 11:14


[JEDI VCL 0004651]_ TJvDBDatePicker.msg (15,774 bytes)


2011-01-27 11:23

administrator   ~0018321

Yep that's strange, the content-encoding field is set to UTF-8 but the content is definitively not UTF-8.


2012-06-13 11:28

reporter   ~0019944

so maybe change something ?

that content-encoding field or whatever ?

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