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0005457JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2011-09-21 11:43
ReporterbongosAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionsuspended 
Product VersionDaily / GIT 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005457: TjvValidateEdit - Add new property to select all text on entering the control via left mouse click as per old RxCurrencyEdit
DescriptionHaving replaced all RxCurrencyEdits with JvValidate edits, our users reported that the text was no longer being selected upon entering the control via the left mouse button.
The RxCurrencyEdit used to select the entire value upon entry via the left mouse button with the AutoSelect option set to True (I think this was actually a bug).

Could you please add a property AutoSelectWithMouse which Allows us to reproduce this behaviour (default to be turned off). We have several components derived from the old RxCurrencyEdit which would benefit greatly from this extra property.
Additional Information
We currently fix the problem by adding a property:

  FAutoSelectWithMouse: Boolean;
  procedure CMEnter(var Message: TCMGotFocus); message CM_ENTER;
  property AutoSelectWithMouse: Boolean read FAutoSelectWithMouse write FAutoSelectWithMouse;

constructor TJvCustomValidateEdit.Create(AOwner: TComponent);
  FAutoSelectwithMouse := False;

  property AutoSelectwithMouse; default False;

procedure TJvCustomValidateEdit.CMEnter(var Message: TCMGotFocus);
  // do a SelectAll if left-clicking into a numeric style control
  if FAutoSelectWithMouse and (csLButtonDown in ControlState) and (GetWindowLong(Handle, GWL_STYLE) and ES_MULTILINE = 0)
    and (DisplayFormat in [dfBinary, dfCurrency, dfFloat, dfFloatGeneral, dfHex, dfInteger, dfOctal, dfPercent,
    dfScientific, dfYear, dfDecimal, dfIdentifier, dfFloatFixed]) then
    PostMessage(Handle, EM_SETSEL, 0, -1);
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2011-02-15 13:48

administrator   ~0018349

Please provide the zipped sources of a sample application showing this.


2011-06-07 17:37

administrator   ~0018591

any news?


2011-06-08 11:15

reporter   ~0018650

Sorry for the lack of reply. We've now worked around this so, as no-one else is interested, probably not worth pursuing.


2011-09-21 11:43

administrator   ~0018915

Ok, then I'm suspending the issue

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