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0005478JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2012-06-12 10:48
Reporterpka4916Assigned Toobones 
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Product VersionDaily / GIT 
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Summary0005478: TJVCheckedcombobox clears checked items
DescriptionWhenever I load my Combobox, and I check items, the items are getting cleared
as soon as I make a change for 1 TEXT item.

To keep the current CHECK status I need to get the value first,
change the text, and restore the value.


checkcombo1.Items[0]:='Row 1';
checkcombo1.Items[1]:='Row 2';


If I just have this

checkcombo1.Items[0]:='Row 1';

then checkcombo1.Checked[0] becomes False.
when I remove the item[0]:='Row 1'; then the value stays True.

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2011-02-15 13:52

administrator   ~0018360

Please provide the zipped sources of a sample application showing this.

2011-02-16 15:11 (4,753 bytes)


2011-02-16 15:11

reporter   ~0018381

There you go.

Just check all the items and press the button.


2011-02-18 03:26

reporter   ~0018387

Also this doesn't work either

if checkcombo1.Checked[1]=true then checkcombo1.checked[1]:=false;

it always stays true..


2011-02-19 14:19

reporter   ~0018391

Forget my last comment aoubt the "always stays true"

I had an checkcombo1.text:='Please Select'
But I cannot do that, since it makes the True/False not work anymore.

I can make the items True, but I cannot make them False anymore.

Is there another way to not have all the results in the combobox text showing, and just have a "Please Select" in there ?


2011-06-08 14:26

administrator   ~0018667

This will be hard to fix because there is also the case where an item is deleted or inserted into the list.
And the notification we get from TStringList only says "changed", not what happened...


2012-06-12 10:48

administrator   ~0019894

I'm sorry, this is definitely not fixable.

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