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0005523JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2011-07-10 14:34
ReporterZENsanAssigned Tojfudickar 
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Product VersionDaily / GIT 
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Summary0005523: TJvAppINIFileStorage lose unicode
DescriptionTJvAppINIFileStorage lose unicode on saving String properties.
Sample application showing this is attached.
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2011-03-25 17:02 (1,585 bytes)


2011-03-31 11:51

developer   ~0018492

Could you give some more explanations?

I'm using it with Delphi XE and the SVN Version of JCL and JVCL.

I can't see any problems.


2011-03-31 12:23


First run.png (16,696 bytes)
First run.png (16,696 bytes)

2011-03-31 12:23


Second run.png (16,626 bytes)
Second run.png (16,626 bytes)


2011-03-31 12:24

reporter   ~0018493

1) Run it once (AppStorage will save the property Text)
2) Run again (AppStorage lost 2 characters from Text property)


2011-03-31 21:33

developer   ~0018494

Ok, I'm not so fimilar with Unicode, but here is my explanation/workaround.

1. In the online help it's stated that the TIniFile is old stuff and that it allways was ansi, so the default is ansi.
2. Open your created ini-file in an unicode editor and change the codepage to utf-8 of the existing file. Restart your test application and from that moment unicode is working.
The inifile component detects that the original file is unicode and stores it in the detected codepage.

My Problem is, that I do not know how, what will be the best way to enhance the TAppIniStorage for a default codepage.



2011-04-01 09:32

reporter   ~0018499

Maybe before flushing first time (creating an INI file) we can create an empty UTF-8 text file (of course only for Unicode Delphi versions), and then call default INI file. And then everything wil work fine.


2011-06-08 15:09

administrator   ~0018670

Except that I don't think the ini file handling class can detect UTF-8 from an empty file.
Can anyone test this?


2011-06-28 08:46

reporter   ~0018807

JvAppIniFileStorage1.IniFile.Encoding := TEncoding.Unicode;

Solves the problem. Maybe we can check the delphi version and if it supports unicode, then just set the default encoding to, say, TEncoding.UTF8?


2011-07-10 14:32

developer   ~0018819

The easier way is :
JvAppIniFileStorage1.Encoding := TEncoding.Unicode;

And the AppIniFileStorage has the default delphi behaviour (in point of ini encoding), so I do not see a need to change anything else.



2011-07-10 14:34

developer   ~0018820

No change needed

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