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0005636JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2011-09-21 14:10
ReporterMad CatAssigned Tooutchy 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.40 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.45 
Summary0005636: JvBandObject NX/DEP memory protection error
DescriptionUsing JvBandObject with turned-on hardware and software DEP/NX causes an exception.

According to this article problem is, of course, in DEP/NX.
Additional InformationUsing a dirty little hack I forced it work.
I've commented everything associated with hook (FHook, SetWindowsHookEx, UnhookWindowsHookEx) and it began to work.

I don't know how to fix it properly =(
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2011-08-10 11:44


JvBandObject.pas (34,276 bytes)


2011-08-10 19:22

administrator   ~0018856

The faulty code is in the function MethodToProcedure, such code manipulation should be avoided in a DEP/NX enabled environment.


2011-08-10 22:47

administrator   ~0018858

I don't know this part of the JVCL very well but I should be able to correctly fix the faulty stuff. Could you tell me how to rightly use a JvBandObject?

Mad Cat

2011-08-10 23:57

reporter   ~0018859

Thanks for feedback.
Huh, I'll try to attach zip-file with sample project during next 12 hours.

2011-08-11 10:07 (10,644 bytes)

Mad Cat

2011-08-11 10:10

reporter   ~0018860

Project attached.
I've watched 'MethodToProcedure' function body. Wha'da dirty hack used O_O


2011-08-11 10:53

administrator   ~0018861

I can't say more... being investigated...


2011-08-11 11:54

administrator   ~0018862

Everything is messed up in IE6 as soon as I install either your toolbar or a new one created from the expert. Which version of IE are you using?

Mad Cat

2011-08-11 12:38

reporter   ~0018863

As described in article above, this reproduced in IE8 and later.

Mad Cat

2011-08-11 12:46

reporter   ~0018864

Simply, delphi compiler have no option similar to '/NXCompat' that in MSVC compiler. I haven't found such.


2011-08-11 12:50

administrator   ~0018865

oups did not notice it, I've just installed IE8 and it looks a little bit better. Except that the bar is not "docked": the form is displayed at the top of the screen on top of IE8... Anyway that's an other issue and I'll fix the DEP/NX stuff first.


2011-08-11 13:22

administrator   ~0018866

I committed a patch in revision 13094 that should fix DEP/NX issues and keep the hook enabled.

However, as I said before the toolbar is not docked in IE8, it is badly positioned at the top of the screen. But I do not know how to solve this issue yet, I could not find obvious errors while debugging the JvBand* units. Help is appreciated.

Mad Cat

2011-08-11 14:02

reporter   ~0018867

Bug fixed successfully. Tested. It works fine. Thanks=)

About hard-fixed positioning. I think problem is in IE. Documentation in MSDN about creating tool-bars is poor and is already outdated.

Besides, Microsoft didn't provide native managed (.NET) component for creating tool-bars! All I found is 3rd party library, written by an enthusiast.

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