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0005664JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2012-02-27 11:14
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Summary0005664: JvDBGrids MultySelect
DescriptionWhen a row is selected and MultySelect is true, fixed cols are colored the same as the rest of cols. When only RowSelect is true, fixed cols are colored correctly.

--> A thought. When MultySelect is true, is very difficult to distinguish between MultySelected rows and current selected cell or row (RowSelect true). Whould be better if MultySelected rows are colored slightly different than the selected cell or row that is not included in MultySelected rows.
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related to 0005662 confirmed JvDBGrids.FixedCols 
related to 0005806 resolvedobones JvDBGrid - DefaultDrawColumnCell and ShowMemos 



2011-09-27 11:02

reporter   ~0018986

Demo application: Mantis 5662.


2012-02-27 11:14

administrator   ~0019563

Seeing this using demo from 0005806
Use D2010 or newer to use it

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