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0005665JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2014-12-04 16:37
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Product Version3.40 
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Summary0005665: TJvDBLookupCombo and TJvDBComboBox not simmetrical features
I really love JVCL and some components especially!
But, I hit 2 different faults at 2 alike components:
At first TJvDBLookupCombo there are very useful function "EmptyValue" that make possible to easy clear key value by user.
At second TJvDBComboBox there are particularly useful function "ListSettings->Filter" that make possible to use for many TJvDBComboBox just one Dataset/Datasource with individual filtering!
But I as many developments need both of those functions - EmptyValue and ListFilter!
Please, add EmptyValue function to TJvDBComboBox ListSettings as fast as possible!
With best regards!
TagsJvDBComboBox, JvDbLookupCombo



2011-10-01 15:41

reporter   ~0019000

Also you can see, that only JV DBComboBox does not have property to setup Key for Clear Value! For example: TDBLookupComboBox have property NullValueKey where developer can set any keyboard key or keys combination to fast clear value; also TcxDBComboBox and JvDBLookupComboEdit have the same property ClearKey; etc.
For now JvDBComboBox does not have NOTHING to easy clear value by user!


2011-10-07 16:08

administrator   ~0019014

Please try to provide the changes and submit them as a diff file here


2011-10-08 10:40

reporter   ~0019021

Excuse, but I just start learning Delphi, and I dont know how use "diff files" so I can not make a big help with resolving this problems.
JVCL already have all 3 function that I talking about but separately at different components!
I just ask to consolidate all 3 functions (Filter Lookup/List, EmptyValue, ClearKey) first of all at JvComboBox and maybe at all other Lookup components like - JvDBLookupCombo, etc..
You just need to copy those function from one to other component... it's must be very easy for professional...


2011-12-08 11:02

reporter   ~0019178

So, will you make my suggestions???


2012-02-22 14:55

administrator   ~0019450

No, it's not easy and fast, it needs to be done in a logical way, and copy/paste is not the best choice.
Someone with DB knowledge will have to look at this.

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