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0005672JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2014-12-04 16:38
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Product Version3.40 
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Summary0005672: Improvements on dbgrid.
DescriptionHere is a wishlist.
Additional InformationHi.

Actually this does nt a bug report beside it is a wish list.

I have setup vcl and have a look at components and their properties.

1. DB grid is very good but i think if we have these option it will be better.
   a) Flat option.
   b) Auto save to excel procedure (i can supply some code but i cannot make this % 100 compatible for jvdbgrid.)
   c) Incremental search feature
   d) Find feature with for a spesific column Ctrl+f and search a text in selected column.

2. Multi column option for dblookupcombo.
3. Multi button and events on dbedit.
4. Dbdatetime edit component.
5. On jv alarms component different alarms can be fired on different alarm timer.
6. An sqlite acces component will be nicer. Sqlitepassdbo is will be ok...
7. TDBF is doent updated for years. Can you add that component in to JVCL. It is opensource.

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2011-10-04 09:08

reporter   ~0019005

I have forget this.

8. Flat option for jvdbcheckbox or make dbaware version for jvxpcheckbox


2011-10-05 16:08

developer   ~0019007

I remember TDBF. I even donated some code into it, especially towards Delphi 5 compatibility....

I guess, maintainer needed then for TDBf.

DB-components are very complex per se, spaghetti code longing back to from 16-bit Delphi.
And DBF - which has no real standard and instead "guess what we do here today" is not easy to deal with either.

What u suggest is turning JVCL into graveyard of half-baked dead buggy components. It already has such a reputation to a point.

Look at the forum, look at the tracker. Obviously JVCL has notenough manpower to fix its own bugs. Janus components are still for years not digested and merged into another components.

Adding one more dead component would only make things worse IMHO.

If u care about TDBF, please just become its maintainer. :-)


2011-10-06 11:21

reporter   ~0019009

It is just a proposal also im not a top level programmer for maintain it...

But i can help where am i enoguh for the components. (like in excel export)


2011-10-06 15:50

developer   ~0019010

top-level guys usually only mantain top-level stuff :-)

Mantaining TDBF couldbe a good school to you, would maybe make you top programmer.

But personally i feel like ISAM/flat tables are outdated. We have Firebird Embedded + UIB. SQLite guys also do have something. It is not 1990-s anymore and CPU and memory got big enough to have SQL even in toasters :-)

TDBF once had in-memory mode, then it really could be nice. Replacing buggy rxLib JvMemoryDataset. But that mdoe was dropped from TDBF far ago before i ever saw it.


about the rest - there are two grids: JvDBGrid and JVDBUltimGrid - they are different on features.
also there are a number of JvDbGrid***Export components, including export into CSV, into HTML and into Excel.


2011-10-07 16:10

administrator   ~0019016

Please try to make those changes and then submit the diff file here


2011-10-30 17:54

reporter   ~0019072

Arioch wrote: '...there are two grids: JvDBGrid and JVDBUltimGrid - they are different on features.'

JvDBGrid and JVDBUltimGrid actually differs only on sorting. In my opinion JVDBUltimGrid sorting system is better than the one in JvDBGrid and that could combine both components in one robust and rich-featured one. Not hard work needed for that as I've already worked on both sources.
(By the way, changes for JVDBUltimGrid are not applied yet)


2011-10-31 08:06

reporter   ~0019073

"It already has such a reputation to a point."
Absolutely disagree. I use JvDBGrid for years and there were only few times some problems and they were fixed in few days by Jedi developers. Other thing if someone just do not know how to use the component, but that's another story..


2012-02-22 14:44

administrator   ~0019441

So what do we do here?


2012-06-13 16:27

administrator   ~0019965

Any news?


2012-06-18 12:09

reporter   ~0020014

If there is interest in combining JVDBUltimGrid into JvDBGrid, let me know to work on that project.


2013-12-13 11:32

administrator   ~0020789

There is interest in that, please create a pull request on github once it is done


2014-04-13 12:47

reporter   ~0020945

JvDBGrid.pas and demo project is on github

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