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0005716JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2012-09-10 14:15
Reportereje91Assigned ToArioch 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.45 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.46 
Summary0005716: TJvIPAddress.AddressValues not updating at runtime
DescriptionThe TJvIPAddress properties of AddressValues.Address as well as AddressValues.Value1, AddressValues.Value2, AddressValues.Value3, and AddressValues.Value4 do not change at runtime. You can successfully set the values at design time, but they do not change at runtime as the user types in the field. AddressValues.Text does successfully get updated as the user types. I tested this in both Win32 and Win64 applications under Delphi XE2.
Additional InformationI posted this previously under ID 0005713 and am re-posting it while adding sample code. Sorry for the redundant post, but I could not figure out how to add code after-the-fact to an old report.
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2011-11-21 15:36


TJvIPAddressDemo.ZIP (2,799,881 bytes)


2011-11-24 13:19

developer   ~0019129

this component told to be very buggy in Windows, Maybe Borland had good reasoning to avoid wrapping it.


2011-11-24 15:31

developer   ~0019131

Personally i dislike this wdget.

It is build of some black voodoo magic.

What are those edits ? why ? when used ? Weird!
Maybe they used to fix bugs in Win2000 // WinXP, dunno. Black arts disguised as code.

 TJvIPAddress = class(TJvCustomControl)
    FEditControls: array [0..3] of TJvIPEditControlHelper;


2011-11-24 21:26

developer   ~0019138

Last edited: 2011-12-22 19:14

i also think that TJvIPAddressValues.Address should be made private.
It is just clone of owner's TJvIPAddress.Address, but made made quite non-optimal.

Probably TJvIPAddressValues should better be deleted and its functionality (splitting cardinal into 4 bytes) merged into main component.
With all respect to Peter Thrnqvist, i think it was not his brightest day, when he devised this subclass.


AS of today - it was done and changed code attached


2011-11-28 19:53

reporter   ~0019146

Many thanks to Arioch for the all the time spent on this TJvIPAddress component. I greatly appreciate it!


2011-11-28 21:19

reporter   ~0019148

I'm sorry, but I did not actually try the various code changes since I'm certainly no expert. When today's daily JVCL download failed to solve the problem, I utilized the tip suggested in your first reply. That trick of assigning the TJvIPAddress.Text property to a string and thus causing the TJvIPAddress.AddressValues properties to take on the correct values worked well for me, although it is of course not a "clean" fix. This revised code based on your trick functions properly:
procedure TForm1.btnIPInfoClick(Sender: TObject);
  strDummy : String;
  with JvIPAddress do
      lblJvIPAddressAddress.Caption := IntToStr(Address);

      { The following is line is a workaround for a problem in which
      JvIPAddress.AddressValues fields do not get updated even though the user
      has typed into the JvIPAddress control. After assigning to JvIPAddress.Text
      to a string, for some reason the JvIPAddress.AddressValues fields have
      the proper value. }
      strDummy := Text;

      lblJvIPAddressValuesAddress.Caption := IntToStr(AddressValues.Address);

      lblJvIPAddressValuesValue1.Caption := IntToStr(AddressValues.Value1);
      lblJvIPAddressValuesValue2.Caption := IntToStr(AddressValues.Value2);
      lblJvIPAddressValuesValue3.Caption := IntToStr(AddressValues.Value3);
      lblJvIPAddressValuesValue4.Caption := IntToStr(AddressValues.Value4);
    end { }

I'll keep the trick code until a future version of JVCL that eliminates the need for it.


2011-11-28 21:54

reporter   ~0019150

Will do...I'll follow up after testing.


2011-11-28 22:12

developer   ~0019152

> That trick of assigning the TJvIPAddress.Text property to a string

Basically it was just reading the string.
To me most dumb way would just to reuse next assignment target.

But if to play that seriously, better than introducing dummy var would be just somthing like: " if Text>'' then ;" - same effect of reading property without stretching mind span for yet another var


2011-11-29 15:00

reporter   ~0019161

Thank you for the step-by-step directions. I followed them exactly, added JvComCtrls.pas to the project so it would be recompiled, and rebuilt the project. Everything now works without need for the workaround of accessing the .Text property. No adverse side-effects were seen. Again, thank you for your expert guidance.


2011-11-29 15:01

developer   ~0019162

too late <grin smile>


2011-11-30 18:51

developer   ~0019164

Please Ed, test this last one too.

 .AddressValue[1] is to be used instead AddressValues[1], but rest for you should seems the same, apart that DFM now has much less garbage and code about splitting value to parts is much streamlined.


2011-12-02 23:15

reporter   ~0019171

Hello, Arioch. I will test this next week. Sorry for delay! Ed


2011-12-16 22:03

reporter   ~0019209



I apologize for the delay. Not enough hours in a day...

I recompiled the package in the following directory as it exists on my particular system:

Everything works perfectly. Thank you!


Again, I apologize for the delay. Not enough hours in a day...


2011-12-16 22:11


JvDeprecated.pas (2,183 bytes)


2011-12-16 22:23

developer   ~0019211

I see, New Year's eve :-) But maybe at week-end :-P

Now, more serious:

1) There should be TWO packages i think, for 32 bit and for 64 bit code.
Your application, is it 32-bit or 64-bit ?
And... the JvStdCtrlsDesign.dpk is design-time package, it should not be 64-bit at all (Delphi itself is 32-bit and so can only use 32-bit design-time packages)

Truly, the fact that u found it in 64 folder seems to be installer bug to me.
I have the only file and it is C:\Delphi\Libs\JediVCL\jvcl\packages\d16\JvStdCtrlsDesign.dpk

2) re-compiling design-time package would only work after u save those two units (one is new, another is overwriting the JVCL's one) and edit the third.
~~~~~~ self-quoting ~~~~~~~~
C:\Delphi\Libs\JediVCL\jvcl\design\JvIP4AddressProp.pas - attached

 * should use unit above
 * should have following as last line of Register procedure
"RegisterPropertyEditor(TypeInfo(LongWord), TJvIPAddress, 'Address', TJvIP4AddressProperty);"

C:\Delphi\Libs\JediVCL\jvcl\run\JvComCtrls.pas - attached
Did you do the above ?

3) Design-time unit recompiling is just a cherry on top of runtime internals simplification and streamlining. You can do without it, you just would find that Object Inspector no more have byte-values of IPAddress, so this patching plus recompilation would bring them back... to a kind ;-)
And again, it should be 32-bit design-time package to be recompiled and used in Delphi IDE. After that you should see difference in Object Inspector, did you ?

4) last added unit, JvDeprecated, probably may allow you to just use streamlined component without changing your code. It would be interesting to see if i succeeded in that too. When have time, of course, JvDeprecated should be disposed of and the very source of your project be reworked instead.

Really hoping to hear from you, sorry :-)


2011-12-16 22:35

reporter   ~0019212

My mistake, Arioch! Since my application is intended to be 64-bit, I looked in C:\Jedi\Jvcl\packages\d16_x64\JvStdCtrlsDesign.dpk. But, of course there should not have been a design package there, and there was not. It existed only at the 32-bit path as you expected:

I won't worry about JvDeprecated, but I will make time to test with the other attached files and verify proper Object Inspector behavior.



2011-12-16 22:40

developer   ~0019213

those files would change the source semantics for a bit. Like i described:

 .AddressValue[1] is to be used instead .AddressValues.Value1, but rest for you should seems the same, apart that DFM now has much less garbage and code about splitting value to parts is much streamlined.

So the sample would just not compile after that change.
The fix is simplistic, but may be tedious when short of time amnd many code places in the project.

JvDeprecated (just the fact of "using" it) should bring old semantics back until developer (you) have time for proper fix.

Okay, have a nice weekend, hope to hear back the results.


2011-12-16 23:55

developer   ~0019214

i like the code it makes. Pure insanity....

Main.pas.49: lblJvIPAddressValuesAddress.Caption := IntToStr(AddressValues.Address);
00563B20 8B45F8 mov eax,[ebp-$08]
00563B23 8945E0 mov [ebp-$20],eax
00563B26 8B45E0 mov eax,[ebp-$20]
00563B29 8945F4 mov [ebp-$0c],eax
00563B2C 8B45F4 mov eax,[ebp-$0c]
Main.pas.50: lblJvIPAddressValuesValue1.Caption := IntToStr(AddressValues.Value1);
00563B52 8B45F8 mov eax,[ebp-$08]
00563B55 8945DC mov [ebp-$24],eax
00563B58 8B45DC mov eax,[ebp-$24]
00563B5B 8945F0 mov [ebp-$10],eax
00563B5E 8B45F0 mov eax,[ebp-$10]
00563B61 8945D4 mov [ebp-$2c],eax
00563B64 8B45D4 mov eax,[ebp-$2c]
00563B67 BA04000000 mov edx,$00000004

2011-12-16 23:57


main.pas (2,300 bytes)


2011-12-16 23:57

developer   ~0019215

Updating demo for changes

2011-12-16 23:57


main.dfm (3,148 bytes)


2011-12-20 19:52

reporter   ~0019219

Sorry, Arioch. I was tied up in meetings today but now am free to test this afternoon. Ed


2011-12-20 22:05

reporter   ~0019220


Unexpected commitments arose here at work Tuesday afternoon...thought I was free to test but it did not tunr out that way. I have the best intentions of making this Priority 0000001 early Wednesday AM...we'll see how that goes!



2011-12-21 23:12

reporter   ~0019221


Here’s what I did (based on the actual paths my system uses):
1) Copied your JvIP4AddressProp.Pas file to the C:\JEDI\JVCL\Design folder.

2) Edited C:\Jedi\JVCL\Design\JvStdCtrlsReg.Pas so it “uses” JvIP4AddressProp.

3) Edited C:\Jedi\JVCL\Design\JvStdCtrlsReg.Pas so that the last line of the Register procedure is "RegisterPropertyEditor(TypeInfo(LongWord), TJvIPAddress, 'Address', TJvIP4AddressProperty);"

4) Overwrote the existing C:\Jedi\JVCL\Run\JvComCtrls.Pas with your modified version.

5) Opened C:\Jedi\Jvcl\packages\d16\JvStdCtrlsDesign.Dpk and attempted to build.

6) Since Delphi reported an error “Cannot resolve unit name JvIP4AddressProp”, I copied your JvIP4AddressProp.Pas file to the C:\JEDI\JVCL\Run folder. Not sure if that was a good idea, but it cleared the error...

7) Delphi reported an error in JvIP4AddressProp.Pas stating that TJvIP4AddressComponentIndex was an undeclared identifier. How can that be when TJvIP4AddressComponentIndex is declared in JvComCtrls which is listed in the “uses” clause of JvIP4AddressProp?



2011-12-21 23:20

reporter   ~0019222

I should have mentioned that without copying the JvIP4AddressProp.Pas file to the C:\JEDI\JVCL\Run folder and having JvIP4AddressProp.Pas only in C:\JEDI\JVCL\Design, the error reported is that JvIP4AddressProp.Dcu is not found. That gets reported in the “uses” clause where I added JvIP4AddressProp.


2011-12-21 23:35

reporter   ~0019223

I have now deleted C:\JEDI\JVCL\Run\JvIP4AddressProp.Pas since you never intended for me to copy the file there in the first place. It now exists only as C:\JEDI\JVCL\Design\JvIP4AddressProp.Pas as per your instructions.

Of course I have no JvIP4AddressProp.Dcu.


2011-12-22 19:11

developer   ~0019224

Last edited: 2011-12-22 19:28

AS. Since you do not use JvDeprecated and since you replaced JvComCtrls, then your project should no more compile, if you did not changed it like i changed the demo ?

> Since Delphi reported an error “Cannot resolve unit name JvIP4AddressProp”

hmm... i thought search paths are set for design-time packages to include Design folder...

Open C:\Jedi\Jvcl\packages\d16\JvStdCtrlsDesign.Dpk and go menu Project / Add to project and point to JvIP4AddressProp

Alternatively u can open the package, go Project / Options, go Delphi / Compiler / Search Path and add ";..\..\Design" to the list

Both should do, though i do not know which would be more persistent in light of JVCL updates...

PS: sorry for late reply, had the busy day


> How can that be when TJvIP4AddressComponentIndex is declared in JvComCtrls which is listed in the “uses” clause of JvIP4AddressProp?

i'm fool
you should update proper BPL and DCP files that contain it...

In other words, C:\Jedi\Jvcl\packages\d16\JvStdCtrls.Dpk should be recompiled before attempt at recompiling JvStdCtrlsDesign.Dpk, which is stacked on top of the former

If your application "uses runtime packages" in Project Options, rather than making one elephant exe with all units inside, then it would also explain why it is compilable still - Delphi just took old compiled version from JvStdCtrls runtime package and did no use of my edited sources :-)


2011-12-22 19:22

developer   ~0019225

Last edited: 2011-12-22 19:27

Modern Delphi sucks.
In D5 '1999 u just open JvStdCtrlsDesign.Dpk, open Requires branch, double-click JvStdCtrls.DCP - and u have both packages open and can recompile any needed in any order.

In XE2 u only can close one package and then open another.
Or create project group for those two packages.

Pitiful and unneeded complication of things :-(


2011-12-22 20:13

reporter   ~0019226


Thanks as always for your help. We’re getting somewhere now...

First, let me tell you that I wiped out the test project’s source code that referred to the deprecated usage. I just want to use you new, improved code. Backwards compatibility is no important to me.

C:\Jedi\Jvcl\packages\d16\JvStdCtrls.Dpk was opened and recompiled as per your latest suggestion. That succeeded.

Next, C:\Jedi\Jvcl\packages\d16\JvStdCtrlsDesign.Dpk was opened, JvIP4AddressProp was added to the project, and the package was recompiled. That also succeeded.

The above steps almost let the Win32 version of the test project compile. All of the AddressValue[1], AddressValue[2], etc. references generated “Undeclared identifier” errors. I then searched my drive for JvIP4AddressProp.Dcu and noticed that \Jedi\JVCL\lib\16 was where it was stored. Changing the project’s search path to include \Jedi\JVCL\lib\16 solved the problem. The Win32 version compiled and ran perfectly.

Note that \Jedi\JVCL\lib\16 is not a typo. It seems like it should have been \Jedi\JVCL\lib\d16 with a d before the 16. I do indeed have a \Jedi\JVCL\lib\d16 folder containing Win32 and Win64 subfolders, but there is no JvIP4AddressProp.Dcu within them. JvIP4AddressProp.Dcu exists only at \Jedi\JVCL\lib\16, and \Jedi\JVCL\lib\16 has no Win32 and Win64 subfolders. Does that make any sense to you?

I cannot get the Win64 version to compile at all. That is my ultimate goal and is, in fact, the only reason I am migrating away from an old Win32-only I.P. address editor component to this JEDI editor. Did you try the Win64 compilation?



2011-12-22 20:37

developer   ~0019227

> JvIP4AddressProp.Dcu
is only used by IDE, not by the project itself
u'd better searched for stale JvComCtrls.DCU :-)

> to include \Jedi\JVCL\lib\16 solved the problem
that was where was stored JvComCtrls.DCU
you could also check "use runtime packages"
or you could include into search path \Jedi\JVCL\run and .....\common to allow it recompile

this last thing is still recommended for Code Completion to work, Error Insigt and other IDE Structure Panel related features.

i did not try x64 ever
are compilation broken for that control or for some other code ?

> Note that \Jedi\JVCL\lib\16 is not a typo.

i have it too
what are timestamps there, i guess it was one of those DPKs rebuilds that made them
probably some of DPKs have directory settings wrong for Output path


2011-12-22 21:02

reporter   ~0019228

Changing the project search path to C:\Jedi\JVCL\run;C:\Jedi\JVCL\common\Jedi allowed both the Win32 and Win64 versions to compile and run!

The timestamps in that that unexpected \Jedi\JVCL\lib\16 dir are all today from when I rebuilt the files.

When you mentioned that some of the DPKs probably have the directory settings wrong for Output path, is that something directly related your recent TJvIPAddress work, or is it a broader JEDI code issue in general?


2011-12-22 21:19

developer   ~0019229


all my additions were told youto repeat step by step
since u did not changed paths to \16, neither did i


2011-12-22 21:25

developer   ~0019230

Last edited: 2011-12-22 21:43

> C:\Jedi\JVCL\run;C:\Jedi\JVCL\common\Jedi

this last \Jedi is a bit too much
C:\Jedi\JVCL\common is proper thing to do

jedi subfolder is already accounted for within C:\Delphi\Libs\JediVCL\jvcl\common\


2011-12-22 21:28

developer   ~0019231

Last edited: 2011-12-22 22:01

i hope you'll heavily test the result in both 32-bit and 664-bit mode.

how's new layout of IPAddress in Object Inspector ?

instead of adjusting all DPK paths, i believe u may run C:\Delphi\Libs\JediVCL\jvcl\makemodified.bat to make newer DCUs in \d16 subfolders
But before this you'd add JvIP4AddressProp to Contains section of C:\Delphi\Libs\JediVCL\jvcl\packages\xml\JvStdCtrlsDesign-D.xml


2011-12-22 21:54

reporter   ~0019232

Thanks for the search path tip. It is just C:\JEDI\JVCL\Run;C:\JEDI\JVCL\Common.

I just ran the Win64 version, and it works great. In my earlier update, it had compiled successfully on a Win32 development machine, but the executable had not yet been run. It has no trouble.

The only Object Inspector trouble I've seen is when trying to type an address in the main Address line. Try typing, and the Address[1] value will always be 0. However, type that in Text line, and it works fine.

Do you like ShortInt for Address[n], or would Byte be better?

Will you be releasing this now as a full-fledged JEDI update?


2011-12-22 22:07

developer   ~0019233

the wrong paths come from C:\Delphi\Libs\JediVCL\jvcl\packages\d16\template.dproj

and given that file makes no difference for x86 and x64 and other targets (non-Windows) - it hardly can be modified to both use d16\win32 and d16\win64 folders...


2011-12-22 22:12

developer   ~0019234

i cannot even commit this into SVN
i think we'd wait for JVCL team to come out of New Year rush when they'd be able to asses all the commited patches in tracker, and there are a number of those.

I feel they are in the state liek yours, they only can think about the particular lines (and bugs) they do work themselves with.

Hope it would be easier time after NY


2011-12-22 22:18

developer   ~0019235

Last edited: 2011-12-22 22:33

> in the main Address line. Try typing, and the Address[1] value will always be 0
would try it, definitely a bug and should not happen
(and you're already talking about release :-) )

> Do you like ShortInt for Address[n], or would Byte be better?
Since Address is LongWord/Cardinal/UInt32, i think address components should be unsigned too. And do they have any reason to be signed ? Do you want address like -65.-41.-41.17 instead in your example ?
Microsoft thinks the same:

Though the lack of Delphi unsigned support in StrToInt and related functions annoys me (see 0005742).


2011-12-22 22:31

developer   ~0019237

You can see ? they just CAN NOT act differently. It either sets 'as Address' or 'as Text' and can do nothing other.
OR look at below and tell me if i made some stupid error and cannot see it.

procedure TJvIP4AddressProperty.SetValue(const Value: string);
var tmp: Cardinal;
  if TryStrToUInt(Value, tmp) then SetOrdValue(tmp)
    if GetComponent(0) <> nil then
       if GetComponent(0) is TJvIPAddress then begin
          TJvIPAddress(GetComponent(0)).Text := Value;

procedure TJvIP4AddressAsTextProperty.SetValue(const Value: string);
    if GetComponent(0) <> nil then
       if GetComponent(0) is TJvIPAddress then begin
          TJvIPAddress(GetComponent(0)).Text := Value;

procedure TJvIP4AddressAsNumberProperty.SetValue(const Value: string);


Though that made me do one more small (just one added line) change in JvComCtrls.pas - consider doing the same if you like it.

procedure TJvIPAddress.UpdateValuesFromString(S: string);
    S := Trim(s); // add this
    AddressValue[1] := StrToIntDef(StrToken(S, '.'), 0);
    AddressValue[2] := StrToIntDef(StrToken(S, '.'), 0);
    AddressValue[3] := StrToIntDef(StrToken(S, '.'), 0);
    AddressValue[4] := StrToIntDef(S, 0);


2011-12-22 23:00

reporter   ~0019238

Where the Object Inspector lists Address 0 = I click on the 2nd of those 5 zeroes (the 1st of the 4-part address), hit delete, and type 192. That should change it to say Address 0 = but it stays Address 0 =

If I click on the 3rd of those 5 zeroes, hit delete, and type 168, it changes to say Address 11010048 = as you would expect. Only the first part of the 4-part address fails to work; the last few are all fine.

This can be reproduced every time.

Adding S := Trim(s) to procedure TJvIPAddress.UpdateValuesFromString(S: string) did not help.


2011-12-22 23:44

developer   ~0019239

Last edited: 2011-12-22 23:50

u can not set both integer and x.y.z.w - you should either set one or another

And basically what u try to do is assigning value like "10 = 14" - so what should component do, believe 1st part or 2nd part of contradicting value ?

that limitation made me add As Text and As Address sub-fields, which were not in initial upload.

> Only the first part
That's because the control itself splits the string over dots (as u can see in UpdateValuesFromString above), so it tries to set 1st component to "11010048 = 0" which obviously fails to be an integer.

if you enter "11010048 = " into As Text field - it would act the same.

Maybe i should just disable editing that field at all ? or should i make it abort if field contains any characters but dots and numbers ? you opinion ?


2011-12-23 00:28

reporter   ~0019240

Yes...blocking editing of the main Address line and forcing the use of the individual fields would be a perfect solution.

When I asked about Byte versus ShortInt for Address[n], I didn't mean to imply that I needed signed numbers there. Have a look at the code...ShortInt is currently being used, right? I was just wondering whether you wanted to change it to Byte.


2011-12-23 14:36

developer   ~0019243

function TJvIP4AddressProperty.GetAttributes: TPropertyAttributes;
  Result := [paMultiSelect, paSubProperties, paRevertable, paVolatileSubProperties, paDisplayReadOnly];
  if GetPropInfo.SetProc = nil then
    Result := Result + [paReadOnly, paDisplayReadOnly];


Where exactly i use ShortInt ?
If somewhere around StrToInt - it can't be easily helped, Delphi does not have string -> unsigned integer conversion. And i do not see it as big deal. No compilation warnings and control does its work to my and your tests.


2011-12-23 15:50

reporter   ~0019244

That is my fault. I had moused over one of the AddressValue[n] identifiers in my test project and saw Delphi report ShortInt. It seemed odd that it was not Byte. Now that you've asked where ShortInt was used, I see in JvComCtrls.Pas that there is very clearly the following Byte declaration:
property AddressValue[Component: TJvIP4AddressComponentIndex]: Byte

Sorry for the mistake...


2011-12-23 18:31

developer   ~0019245

maybe it was n expected type reported instead

what about patch above for Object Inspector ? satisfied ?


2011-12-29 00:19

developer   ~0019268

Oh, i understood. Object Inspector just does not have concept of unsigned value - neither byte nor word nor cardinal. Only signed values ShortInt/SmallInt/LongInt it knows about.

BTW, did you tried last patch that should make property read-only but visible and copyable ?


2011-12-29 00:31

developer   ~0019269

depending on CPU used, you probably can run and text 64-bit eXEs even on 32-bit development machine, if the CPU itself is capable of 64-bit


2011-12-29 20:25

reporter   ~0019271



I made your change to function TJvIP4AddressProperty.GetAttributes, but I'm now receiving a compilation error having nothing to do with that specific change.

The error when compiling JvIP4AddressProp.pas is:
  [DCC Fatal Error] JvIP4AddressProp.pas(6): F1026 File not found: 'DesignEditors.dcu'

A GREP of my entire system finds no DesignEditors.dcu file.



2011-12-29 20:33

developer   ~0019272

Last edited: 2011-12-29 20:35

what project exactly and how exactly do u compile ?

this unit is with system package (.DCP + .BPL) which exact name i do not recall, but it is in Required section of JvStdCtrlsDesign.Dpk 32-bit

and it should be somewhere within search path of course


2011-12-29 20:55

reporter   ~0019273


I initially addeed JvIP4AddressProp.pas to my project and tried to compile. That was obviously wrong and resulted in the error.

This time, though, C:\Jedi\Jvcl\packages\d16\JvStdCtrlsDesign.Dpk was opened with JvIP4AddressProp added to the project. Your TJvIP4AddressProperty.GetAttributes was implemented, and the project was compiled.

Next, I opened my usual test project. The Object Inspector did indeed behave differently with respect to the Address property. That property was greyed out to indicate that it could not be changed. Oddly, though, I can still type in that field (it types all gray), and the typed numbers do indeed have an effect.



2011-12-29 21:20

developer   ~0019274

that means i completely fail to read and understand Delphi docs...

would you generally prefer it black or gray ?


2011-12-29 21:23

developer   ~0019275

function TJvIP4AddressProperty.GetAttributes: TPropertyAttributes;
  Result := [paReadOnly, paMultiSelect, paSubProperties, paRevertable, paVolatileSubProperties];

that wouldkeep it 'black' (dark blue)
if you like it gray, then add paDisplayReadOnly to the set above

and remove or comment out procedure TJvIP4AddressProperty.SetValue - it would no more be used so let's clean the garbage :-)


2011-12-29 22:26

reporter   ~0019276

I like it gray to indicate that it's read-only.

Your suggestion of commenting out TJvIP4AddressProperty.SetValue worked. After doing that, you can still try to type in the field, but the changes no longer take effect. It is fine now.

Are you ready for full release early next year?


2011-12-29 22:39

developer   ~0019277

Last edited: 2011-12-29 22:40

Then make it so, as i wrote earlier:

function TJvIP4AddressProperty.GetAttributes: TPropertyAttributes;
   Result := [paReadOnly, paDisplayReadOnly, paMultiSelect, paSubProperties, paRevertable, paVolatileSubProperties];

About release i wrote earlier in comment (0019234)

I am just a regular (or better say irregular ;-) ) user, hence i do have no more influence upon releases than you.

2011-12-29 22:41


JvIP4AddressProp.pas (9,412 bytes)


2011-12-29 22:43

reporter   ~0019278

Thanks for all of your hard work, and Happy New Year!

2011-12-29 22:52


JvComCtrls.pas (108,659 bytes)


2011-12-29 22:52

developer   ~0019279

Same to you and to JEDI team :-)


2011-12-29 22:55

developer   ~0019280

So i hope someone with grants would review it and make it into SVN


2012-02-17 19:23

developer   ~0019430

from forum:

> Right now it's a bit hard to figure out what is to be done from your discussions.
i have no SVN upload so could not make a fork.
Just had to change files in place.
0) main.* are updated files from test zip example and no interest to you if you don't want to run applied test-case.
1) i refactored the component and removed additional helper class
I think attached JvComCtrls.pas is to be diff'ed against SVN version and changes reviewed and copied into SVN
Or - if JvComCtrls.pas probably did not changed in SVN from 2011-11-21 - just copied over SVN version.
OTOH, if you would not blindly trust me and reporter, then to review changes you anyway have to diff it.
2) introduced design-time property editor which should be added to JvStdCtrlsDesign package
The implementation is trivial and probably no point to review it
To apply it one needs:
 2.0) add JvIP4AddressProp.Pas to JvStdCtrlsDesign package
 2.1) Copy JvIP4AddressProp.Pas file to the C:\JEDI\JVCL\Design folder.
 2.2) Edit C:\Jedi\JVCL\Design\JvStdCtrlsReg.Pas so it “uses” JvIP4AddressProp.
 2.3) Edit C:\Jedi\JVCL\Design\JvStdCtrlsReg.Pas so that the last line of the Register procedure is "RegisterPropertyEditor(TypeInfo(LongWord), TJvIPAddress, 'Address', TJvIP4AddressProperty);"
3) added source-level 'compatibility' helpers into JvDeprecated.pas
This i think worth consideration per se.
I envision it been placed into JVCL\Run or JVCL\Common and used as framework for most JVCL source-level refactorings.
That optionally would be better than just old versions moving units into usupported \Archive, though would only work on newer Delphi versions.
Optionally together with CodeLib team consider related enhancement


2012-02-24 15:04

administrator   ~0019534

Thank you all for your help.
This is now solved in SVN, in a slightly different manner regarding legacy compatibility.
As a side note, please respect the JVCL coding style when submitting patches, it makes code inclusion easier.


2012-04-15 16:13

developer   ~0019702

Last edited: 2012-04-15 16:19

procedure TJvIPAddressRange.SetMaxRange(const Index: Integer; const Value: Byte);
822 var
823 Range: TJvIPAddressMinMax;
824 begin
825 Range := FRange[Index];
826 Range.Max := Value;
827 if Range.Min > Value then
828 Range.Min := Value;
830 Change(Index);
831 end;
833 procedure TJvIPAddressRange.SetMinRange(const Index: Integer; const Value: Byte);
834 var
835 Range: TJvIPAddressMinMax;
836 begin
837 Range := FRange[Index];
838 Range.Min := Value;
839 if Range.Max < Value then
840 Range.Max := Value;
842 Change(Index);
843 end;

That would not change anything. Perhaps u meant pointers ?

      Range: ^TJvIPAddressMinMax;
      Range := @FRange[Index];
      Range^.Min := Value;
      if Range^.Max < Value then
         Range^.Max := Value;


But anyway i still believe that local is more readable and turned out to be more reliable.

isn't "Range := FRange[Index];" unnecessary and non-effective data pumping ?
and anyway it lacks reverse assignment


2012-04-15 16:26

developer   ~0019703

> a slightly different manner regarding legacy compatibility.

that is not slightly different - that is completely different.

1) no redundant code cleaned up - that would mess maintaining long term
2) that redundant code would make control flow more complex, placing extra burden onto future debugging sessions
3) no one would read comments in the code for component they use for long. They would not know those properties are deprecated

Up to the point why at all new properties ben added ? why ?
If they still have to work via old cross-object callbacks, why not just remove them ?

My approach provided for centralized deprecation/cleanup mechanism with effective timeline prompting.
I remember all the talks about JvArchive when 2.x -> 3.x migration. The centralised approach could do it not that all-at-once way.


2012-04-15 16:46

developer   ~0019704

I'm glad that CodeLib changes commited, then i ask for Property Editor clean-up, let it use commited functions from rather his local copies of them.


2012-04-15 18:30

developer   ~0019705

Example of inconsistency:

Let's call procedure TJvIPAddressValues.SetAddress(const AValue: Cardinal) - no event of TJvIPAddressValues is fired. Even when developer may expect OnChange to fire - after all that event by name is supposed to.

Now, let's for comparision call procedure TJvIPAddressValues.SetValues(Index: Integer; Value: Byte)

1) event OnChanging is fired for checking Range. Which is hardly necessary delegation
2) procedure TJvIPAddress.SetAddressValue is called,
 2.1) checking for Range once again
 2.2) updating address
 2.3) sending WM_ message to GDI to update control
3) TJvIPAddressValues.OnChange event is fired
which calls both function TJvIPAddressValues.GetAddress (reading FAddress) and procedure TJvIPAddress.SetAddress, which probably bails out on (FAddress.Address <> Value) check, otherwise it would once again assign FAddress and ocne againg send GDI message

And now someone would debug this all without slightext clue why so complex and searchign for side effects!


2012-04-15 18:37

developer   ~0019706

Last edited: 2012-04-15 18:38

Minor bug found.
Dunno if can manifest itself in regular applications, but still should better be fixed.
The marked line should be added. It can be compared with procedure TJvIPAddress.SetAddress

procedure TJvIPAddress.SetAddressValue(...
    if AllowChange then
      FAddress.Comps[Component] := Value;
      FSaveBlank := False; (*******************)


2012-06-11 17:39

administrator   ~0019874

Can I get a summary here?


2012-06-11 22:45

developer   ~0019879

Last edited: 2012-06-11 22:45

a summary of what ?
maybe u just give me some SVN sandbox ?

1) we have different opinions about original patch itself.
You, probably, think i am too harsh over older Delphi versions, and i think your attempt to keep compatibility at any terms just killed effort to make code simple and consistent.
On this point no short summary is probably possible at all.

Frankly, in old days we'd had an discussion of forum with many people telling their opinions and mediating. Which tracker is not good place for.

2) Some used functions in design-time module (property editor) by their kind are non-visual and were offered to JCL. Since JCL accepted them, they are now mere duplication and be removed from property editors. 0005742.

3) while reviewing your changes to my changes i found one more bug that was noticed by no one earlier. That is comment (0019706)

All those topics are, i think, not interconnected and can be taken one by one.


2012-06-13 13:33

administrator   ~0019948

Please stick comments to each issues. Ideally, one bug, one issue.
This issue feels more and more like a dumpster and it's not easy to follow track.


2012-06-13 14:48

developer   ~0019954

Few months ago i'd do it.
But no i can not add comments to closed issues.
Don't know what changed - but...

Okay, would try to - re-open it, if it suits better.


2012-06-14 12:19

administrator   ~0019989

Ok, this is now resolved.
If other problems arise, please create new issues.

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