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0005726JEDI VCL04 Feature Requestpublic2012-09-10 14:15
ReporterRHoekAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.40 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.46 
Summary0005726: Missing old Rx 'OnDropDown' and 'OnCloseup' events
DescriptionWhen using TJvCustomComboEdit descendants I'm was missing the old equivalent of the OnDropDown and OnCloseUp events.

I did found the new events OnPopupShown and OnPopupHidden, but these are not published (which they were in the RxLib).

Can this be implemented (properties made published!) for the inherited components like 'TJvCalcEdit'?
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2011-11-29 08:47

reporter   ~0019153

Example for TJvCalcEdit:

  TJvCalcEdit = class(TJvCustomCalcEdit)
    property BevelEdges;
    property BevelInner;
    property BevelKind default bkNone;
    property BevelOuter;
    property BiDiMode;
    property DragCursor;
    property DragKind;
    property Flat;
    property ParentBiDiMode;
    property ParentFlat;
    property ImeMode;
    property ImeName;
    property OnEndDock;
    property OnStartDock;
    property Action;
    property Align; //Polaris
    property Alignment;
    property AutoSelect;
    property AutoSize;
    property BeepOnError;
    property BorderStyle;
    property ButtonFlat;
    property ButtonHint;
    property CheckOnExit;
    property ClickKey;
    property Color;
    property DecimalPlaceRound; //Polaris
    property DecimalPlaces;
    property DirectInput;
    property DisplayFormat;
    property DragMode;
    property Enabled;
    property EnablePopupChange;
    property Font;
    property FormatOnEditing;
    property Glyph;
    property ImageIndex;
    property Images;
    property ImageKind;
    property ButtonWidth;
    property HideSelection;
    property Anchors;
    property Constraints;
    property MaxLength;
    property MaxValue;
    property MinValue;
    property NumGlyphs;
    property ParentColor;
    property ParentFont;
    property ParentShowHint;
    property PopupAlign;
    property PopupMenu;
    property ReadOnly;
    property ShowButton;
    property ShowHint;
    property TabOrder;
    property TabStop;
    property Text;
    property Value;
    property Visible;
    property ZeroEmpty;
    (* ++ RDB ++ *)
    property ClipboardCommands;
    property DisabledTextColor;
    property DisabledColor;
    (* -- RDB -- *)
    property DecimalPlacesAlwaysShown; {WAP Added.}
    property OnButtonClick;
    property OnChange;
    property OnClick;
    property OnDblClick;
    property OnDragDrop;
    property OnDragOver;
    property OnEndDrag;
    property OnEnter;
    property OnExit;
    property OnKeyDown;
    property OnKeyPress;
    property OnKeyUp;
    property OnMouseDown;
    property OnMouseMove;
    property OnMouseUp;
    property OnContextPopup;
    property OnStartDrag;
    property OnPopupHidden; // RH: Added - issue 5726
    property OnPopupShown; // RH: Added - issue 5726


2011-11-29 08:49

reporter   ~0019154

Hmmm, when looking at the Rx code, I found out I was missing these in Rx to and added them myself....

If possible I'll be glad to add the events myself to the Jedi VCL.


2011-11-29 09:00

reporter   ~0019155

And for TJvDBCalcEdit (left out current code until .......)

  TJvDBCalcEdit = class(TJvCalcEdit)
    property OnStartDock;
    property OnPopupHidden; // RH: Added - issue 5726
    property OnPopupShown; // RH: Added - issue 5726
    (* ++ RDB ++ *)
    property ClipboardCommands;
    property DisabledTextColor;
    property DisabledColor;
    (* -- RDB -- *)


2011-11-29 11:51

developer   ~0019157

why have them on TFileEdit, TCalcEdit and other specialised ones ?

they were designed for generic TButtonEdit AFAICT.


2011-11-29 13:27

reporter   ~0019159

I use this in many cases where the 'Enter' key (which is also used as a confirmation of the selected value/calculation) is linked to a action.

The event trigger the ActionManager to 'disable' the 'Enter' key while the popup is shown/dropped down (and when the popup is hidden I enabled the Enter key again).

I've done this for different components. (I've implemented this in 2002 in the Rx lib, because I did not know a nicer way of doing this).

And still I think this is a very nice way.

Typically I use RTTI (Delphi 2007) to set the event at runtime (which requires it to be published). This way I don't need to typecast the controls.

Second I think this would be a nice way for other people to hook into the exact moment the popup is shown/hidden. (In a RAD way - not needing to create a new component)


2012-02-14 08:32

reporter   ~0019416

Any questions?

If you like I can add these Events myself in the code at the needed places?


2012-02-22 15:14

administrator   ~0019468

Please provide the zipped sources of a sample application showing this
Please also provide a patch file to apply the changes

2012-02-22 17:14


Test JVCL (90,176 bytes)


2012-02-22 17:14

reporter   ~0019478

I've added a DEMO project, showing the problem...
(I looking for the time now, to add the modified files)

2012-04-03 14:11


Modiefied (54,594 bytes)

2012-04-03 14:13


DEMO (86,900 bytes)


2012-04-03 14:14

reporter   ~0019687

Uploaded modified unit AND created an new DEMO app (with all controls, that have been modified)


2012-06-12 16:28

administrator   ~0019929

This is now in SVN

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