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0005773JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2012-09-10 14:15
ReporterduayfabiAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version3.40 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.46 
Summary0005773: The component <TJvFormStorage> always reload the form size even the option [fpSize] isn't checked
DescriptionI only tested this with a window formstyle set to <bsSingle>.

Steps to reproduce the bug :

- Create a simple project with a single form.
- Set the form's property <BorderStyle> to <bsSingle>.
- Put on the form a TJvAppRegistryStorage component.
- Put on the form a TJvFormStorage component linked with the previous TJvAppRegistryStorage.
- Select the <TJvFormStorage> component and set the <Options> property to [fpSize, fpLocation]
- Compile and run the project. When the application is loaded, note the size of the form.
- Stop the execution of the project and modify the <Options> property of the <TJvFormStorage> component to [fpLocation].
- Modify the size of the form in design mode, recompile and reexecute the application.
- The form have the same size than the first time. The <TJvFormStorage> haven't the option [fpSize] checked but still reload the first size saved.
Additional InformationMy environment :

Borland Developper Studio 2006
Windows 2003 server 32 bits (tested on Windows 7 too)
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2012-01-25 11:22

developer   ~0019354

Which JVCL did you use?

I can't reproduce it with the current svn release and the sample in examples\JvAppStorage\Base Example\



2012-02-03 15:52

reporter   ~0019368

ok, I found what goes wrong! Here a new procedure to follow (delphi 2006 pro, JVCL 3.40) :

1. Create a simple form with only a <TJvFormStorage> and a <TJvAppRegistryStorage> on it.
2. Select the <TJvFormStorage> component and set the <Options> property to [fpSize, fpLocation]
3. Create a child form which inherits from the form created on point 1
4. On the child form, double click on the <TJvFormStorage> and uncheck the <Form size> option.
5. Validate your choice. Sometimes, the checkbox values are saved, sometimes not.

Info : If you use the object inspector to change the <fpSize> property to false, all goes well, only the visual interface don't save correctly the option's value.


2012-02-10 20:36

developer   ~0019380

Could you create a small sample showing the problems


2012-06-13 16:27

administrator   ~0019963

We really need a sample application showing this.


2012-06-14 10:26

reporter   ~0019985

I updated the library with the latest version and I can't reproduce this issue with this version..


2012-06-14 11:22

administrator   ~0019988

Thanks for letting us know

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