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0005790JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2012-06-11 17:09
Reportera-s-zAssigned Toobones 
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Product Version3.45 
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Summary0005790: Missing Package for units using 3rdParty controls from developer express
DescriptionThere is no package including some controls/units that depend on the components from developer express.

You have to include the jvcl source path into the project, to compile using e.g. JvDynControlEngineDevExpCx

I have attached a package definition containing the missing units.

Unfortunatly I did not manage to compile pg.exe (F1026 File not found: DelphiData.dcu), so I can not generate the needed packages. pgEdit references a nonexistent file (AdvancedOptionsForm.pas)

How can I compile and use the devtools (pg.exe or pgEdit.exe) to update the packages?

BTW: JvDBActionsEngineDatasetOdac.pas in JvDB-R.xml is using an invalid Condition (USE_3RDPARTY_ODAC), so I have to update this package as well.
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2012-02-13 11:27


Jv3rdDevEx-R.xml (10,280 bytes)


2012-02-13 18:55

developer   ~0019408

Why do you want to use this package? Because of runtime packages?


2012-02-13 21:42

reporter   ~0019409

Well, this is one of the reasons. When using packages, the link process is much faster during development.

For production the application is linked without packages, but the main reason for the package definition is, that I do not include the source path of jvcl into the project. I am including the directories containing the dcu's only, since I am using several third party components and when including some source paths, I will get errors like "compiled with another version of ..." soon.

For JVCL 3.37 I managed to compile pg.exe and generated the corresponding packages from the attached xml definition. But without generating/updating the packages, the installer won't see my "new" package!? Is there a special command line switch to generate the needed package files, or do I have to add my new package to a package list?


2012-02-13 22:03

developer   ~0019413

I understood.

But we have to think about the additional package. I'm not shure what's the best way to handle it.


2012-02-14 08:10

reporter   ~0019414

I have managed to include my package in the installer.

The package selection for the specified IDE is defined in the corresponding project group in the packages directory. After adding my "custom" package Jv3rdDevEx to it, the installer shows the package in the list of runtime packages :)

Do you update the project groups manually, or are they generated too?


2012-02-14 17:11

developer   ~0019418

How did you included the packages in the installer?

And why do you want the package included in the project group (in which :-)) ?



2012-02-17 08:20

reporter   ~0019426


1. Create XML-File and put it into folder "packages/xml"
2. Add project definition into corresponding project group in folder "packages"

The package files for the targets will be generated and the Package is selectable in the package list of the installer.

JVCLInstall looks parses the project group to identify the installable projects.
Didn't you know about this?



2012-02-24 13:51

administrator   ~0019532

Using the latest SVN content I had no problems compiling pg and pgedit.
Make sure you are using the appropriate project

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