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0005802JEDI VCL02 Installationpublic2013-12-13 11:32
Reportera-s-zAssigned Toobones 
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Product Version3.45 
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Summary0005802: Allow usage of variables in name attribute of package definitions (xml)

the jvcl packages are defined in the folder "packages\xml", to support all targets and minimize the administration.

Unfortunatly, you have to add many "conditional" packages when using third party components, i.e. you have to add the proper package definition for *every* target (cxEditorsD10 for d10, cxEditorsD11 for d11 and so on).
Is it possible to extend the package naming in a way using some variables like %{TARGET} for target, %{VER} for version?

Using this feature it would be possible to write a definition like:
  <Package Name="ODAC%{VER}" Targets="d" Condition="USE_3RDPARTY_CORELAB_ODAC"/>

instead of adding a line for every target (d10, d11, ..., d16, d16_x64).
In addition, there would be no manual change needed, wenn XE3 comes out (If naming scheme stays the same.)

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2012-02-22 15:18

administrator   ~0019473

If you manage to do so, please provide a fix


2012-06-13 16:29

administrator   ~0019979

Any news?


2012-06-14 13:16

developer   ~0019991

something relatively distant was in discussion about XE2 wth its Win32/Win64 duality

There was some change to lessen code duplication between packages for x86 and x64 (before templates were just copy-pasted)

But i can't recall even was it in JCL or JVCL and when discussion took place.

But maybe some of it is done, maybe not

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