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0005917JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2015-09-21 17:47
ReporterbheAssigned Toobones 
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Product VersionDaily / GIT 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.49 
Summary0005917: JvGnugettext TranslateStrings Clear has side effects
DescriptionTranslateStrings cares about OwnsObjects but sl.Clear throws all objects away anyway.!

          for i := 0 to sl.Count - 1 do
            sl.Strings[i] := s[i];

work well.
This way the OwnsObjects is not required at all.
Additional Information(It looks bit like the return of
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2012-09-26 13:57

reporter   ~0020224

Still not fixed in 3.47! Why?

Thus JvGnugettext is not usable in real world apps:
E.g. not with DevExpress Bars:

TdxBarManagerCategories = class(TStringList)
procedure TdxBarManagerCategories.Clear;
  ClearObjects; <- Fatal

Calling Clear for that private class is not provided!

My suggested solution should have less (likely no) side effects.


2012-09-26 18:52

developer   ~0020225

> Still not fixed in 3.47! Why?

Because nobody had a look at this. There are not many left who work on the JCL and JVCL code and those who are, don't spend their whole spare time on it.

> My suggested solution should have less (likely no) side effects.

Your changes have the effect that you can end up with a messed up translation for a sorted string list (assigning a translated string to Strings[] changes the order of the strings in the list).

I have now added code to set all sl.Objects[] to nil before calling sl.Clear. That should fix the bug and not introduce the "sorted string list" issue.

The svn revision is 13449. I leave that report open so you can add comment it (in case that fix doesn't help you)


2012-09-26 23:41

reporter   ~0020228

Why not temporary setting Sorted to False?
Or special dealing for sorted and unsorted lists?

"Niling" the Objects might work (likely it will in the sample case).
But you never know what happens in an derived class
if PutObject() is overridden.

Btw. auto translation of a sorted string list in a persistent component
likely will not work in practical cases.
Maybe because of this i had no issues with my solution.


2012-09-27 09:49

developer   ~0020229

The older Mantis issue 4273 explicitly tests for the ClassType. Maybe we should restore that code, that got lost when the JvGnuGetText was synchronized with the dxgettext ( code. The older code also just ignored the Sorted property for "unknown" ClassTypes.

      if (sl.ClassType = TStrings) or (sl.ClassType = TStringList) or
         (sl.ClassName = 'TMemoStrings') or (sl.ClassName = 'TComboBoxStrings') or
         (sl.ClassName = 'TListBoxStrings') then


2012-09-27 12:49

reporter   ~0020235

That could be a way to go - at least i had no issue with that implementation.

Just ignoring the Sorted prop can lead to an EStringListError(SSortedListError).
Perhaps a dedicated assertion for this case could be a good indication for those who using GetText in such a questionable way.


2012-10-26 01:37

reporter   ~0020270

Their is a small "typo" in:

          if (sl.ClassType <> TStringList) and (sl is TStringList) then
            for I := 0 to sl.Count do
              sl.Objects[I] := nil;
Has to be:
          if (sl.ClassType <> TStringList) and (sl is TStringList) then
            for I := 0 to sl.Count - 1 do
              sl.Objects[I] := nil;

Something happens to You!? ;-)

Besides that, the initial scenario work with that solution!
So far so good.

Nevertheless i prefer my simple assign approach for unsorted list:

          for i := 0 to sl.Count - 1 do
            sl[i] := s[i];

Thus avoids calls to Clear and AddStrings - who knows how they are overwritten. Should be slightly faster too.


2013-01-15 15:01

administrator   ~0020336

Could you look at the publicly available gnugettext to see how they do it? I'm quite sure there were fixes in it that we did not incorporate back


2013-01-16 14:01

reporter   ~0020401

You mean

They just care about OwnsObjects but not about Sorted.
(Which was never an issue for me - see statement from 2012-09-26 23:41)

But they use Clear + AddStrings which fails!

My productive code look like that {Comments removed):

procedure TGnuGettextInstance.TranslateStrings(sl: TStrings;const TextDomain:DomainString);
        {$ifdef DELPHI2009OROLDER}
        if Assigned(slAsTStringList) then begin
          originalOwnsObjects := slAsTStringList.OwnsObjects;
          slAsTStringList.OwnsObjects := False;
          if(sl is TStringList)and TStringList(sl).Sorted then
            if (sl.ClassType <> TStringList) and (sl is TStringList) then
              for I := 0 to sl.Count - 1 do
                sl.Objects[I] := nil;
          end else
            for i := 0 to sl.Count - 1 do
              sl[i] := s[i];
          {$ifdef DELPHI2009OROLDER}
          if Assigned(slAsTStringList) then
            slAsTStringList.OwnsObjects := originalOwnsObjects;

(Used in several successful applications. One of them with 1.3 Mio LoC
got more than 1 Mio downloads and is running in 13 languages.)


2013-12-16 17:03

administrator   ~0020867

I'm confused.
You say that Clear + AddStrings fails when Sorted is True, and yet, your "production" code calls Clear + AddStrings when the list is sorted.
Which one is the correct one?


2013-12-17 00:38

reporter   ~0020871

Your are right - but AFTER setting all objects to Nil.
Here a commented version:

if(sl is TStringList)and TStringList(sl).Sorted then
  // Classes inheriting from TStringList might free objects in overriden Clear()
  // Thus we remove all object before calling Clear()
  if (sl.ClassType <> TStringList) and (sl is TStringList) then
    for I := 0 to sl.Count - 1 do
      sl.Objects[I] := nil;
  sl.AddStrings(s); // This restores Objects too!
end else
  for i := 0 to sl.Count - 1 do
    sl[i] := s[i];


2013-12-18 15:28

administrator   ~0020880

Ok, fair enough, but when the string list is not sorted, this means we use the "sl[i] := s[i]" construct, and thus we loose the objects that AddStrings would have restored.


2013-12-18 17:29

reporter   ~0020889

Why? TStringList.Put() does not effect the objects.

Btw. the OwnsObjects handling is IMHO only required in the Sorted case.
OwnsObjects (in TStringList) only matters for Clear, Delete and Destroy.


2013-12-24 16:41

administrator   ~0020891

Yes, you are right.
This is now in GIT.

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