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0006073JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2014-12-04 16:25
Reportera-s-zAssigned Toobones 
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Product Version3.47 
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Summary0006073: Missing Package for units using 3rdParty controls from developer express
DescriptionThere is no package including some controls/units that depend on the components from developer express.

You have to include the jvcl source path into the project, to compile using e.g. JvDynControlEngineDevExpCx
When using packages, the link process is much faster during development.

The main reason for the package definition is, that I do not include the source path of jvcl into the project. I am including the directories containing the dcu's only, since I am using several third party components and when including some source paths, I will get errors like "compiled with another version of ..." soon.

Additional InformationI have attached a package definition containing the missing units.

Use the following steps to integrate the package into the installer:
1. Put XML-File into folder "packages\xml"
2. Add project definition into corresponding project group (e.g. D16 Packages.groupproj) in folder "packages"
3. Call MakePackages.bat in "packages\bin" to generate the project files.
Restart the installer. Now the Package should be visible in the installer.
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2013-01-22 13:10


Jv3rdDevEx-R.xml (16,521 bytes)


2013-12-13 10:39

administrator   ~0020709

Please try with the latest JVCL version in GIT (or daily zip), some may have been included. If not, please add them to an existing package rather than create a new package.


2014-12-04 16:25

administrator   ~0021093

No news, suspending the issue

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