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0006099JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2014-12-04 16:29
ReporterHHGAssigned Toobones 
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Product Version3.45 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006099: Speech recognition in TJvRichEdit / TJvDBRichEdit
DescriptionSR doesn't work in TJvRichEdit / TJvDBRichEdit as it does in TJvEdit / TJvMemo.
For each spoken word just one letter is shown as text.
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2013-05-31 14:20

reporter   ~0020523

This also happens with handwriting (stylus) input. I was able to solve the problem by editing JvRichEdit.pas and commenting out the two message calls at the bottom of the EM_REPLACESEL message handler. These two messages would reselect and highlight text just pasted in. The handwriting input "pastes" text into the edit control in two steps, so these messages end up highlighting the first set of text and when the second-step "paste" happens, it's contents overwrite the first.

Comment out these lines at the bottom of the JvRichEdit.pas EMReplaceSel() function:
  Perform(EM_EXSETSEL, 0, LPARAM(@CharRange));
  Perform(Messages.EM_SCROLLCARET, 0, 0);

If the original intent of these lines was to simulate a "persistent selection" they weren't working. With the code left in, I couldn't make the control do it. But more testing would be desirable.


2013-06-25 12:02

reporter   ~0020538

I have had a report about speech recognition being broken in JvRichEdit too (for jvcl 3.40). They also reported that it did work in an older version of my program from 2008 (jvcl version 3.33). Since I have a dutch version of Windows I can't install speech recognition and thus can't test it myself.


2013-12-13 10:55

administrator   ~0020730

Please try with the latest JVCL version in GIT (or daily zip) and then send us a zipped file containing the sources of an application showing the issue.


2014-12-04 16:29

administrator   ~0021104

No news, suspending the issue

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