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0006131JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2014-12-04 16:29
ReporterPedraultAssigned Toobones 
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Product Version3.47 
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Summary0006131: TJvRollOut collapsed takes a Height which hides all other controls
DescriptionI've put a TJvRollOut with an alTop alignment on a simple TForm. I've put a TMemo in the RollOut.
At designtime and runtime, when I collapse the TJvRollOut, the component takes a height which hides every others components except the one with an alBottom alignment.
The only difference between runtime and designtime is the TMemo which is hidden in runtime, not in designtime.
I've tried to check/uncheck ShowFocus, SmartExpand, SmartShow and ToggleAnywhere but the problem still exists.
Is it a normal behaviour or a bug ?
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2013-04-17 16:48

reporter   ~0020463

Note : it works perfectly when Placement property is set to plLeft


2013-04-17 16:57

reporter   ~0020464

By adding a OnCollapse Event with:
  JvRollOut1.Height := JvRollOut1.ButtonHeight + 2;
it works.
It seems that there is a bug inside the SetCollapsed TJvCustomRollOut's method.
Maybe the FCHeight member is wrong ?


2013-12-13 10:54

administrator   ~0020728

Please try with the latest JVCL version in GIT (or daily zip) and then send us a zipped file containing the sources of an application showing the issue.


2014-12-04 16:29

administrator   ~0021103

No news, suspending the issue

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