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0006250JEDI Code LibraryJclAnsiStringspublic2024-01-02 21:18
ReporterpresoftAssigned ToAHUser 
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Product VersionVersion 2.5 (Subversion repository/Daily zips) 
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Summary0006250: SetDelimitedText fails if input contains one character
DescriptionWhen using TJclAnsiString's CommaText using a single character input, the input is not added to the string list
Additional InformationSuggested fix (based on rev. 9395), line 951 should read:

if (Index = ValueLength) and (LastStart <= ValueLength) then

not tested if this negatively affects situations when delimiter is last character in input
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Fixed in GIT commitd0c0a342785406331b2e169e77951a5e26128471
Fixed in SVN revision
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2014-05-28 21:14

developer   ~0020990

Do you have a sample showing it?


2014-05-30 08:27

reporter   ~0020992

Last edited: 2014-05-30 08:31

In our case we use the CommaText property of the TAnsiStringList to set up a list of IDs. In case of only one ID, this will return an empty list, instead of a list with the single ID.

For example:
When set list.CommaText = '1'; will return an empty list, instead of a list with only '1'

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