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0006262JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2016-08-07 01:48
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Product Version3.47 
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Summary0006262: TjvPageListTreeView & TjvStandardPage Enabled = False
DescriptionI have 4 nodes on a TjvPageListTreeView linked to 4 pages of a TjvStandardPage.

Let´s say that I need to block the access to the page linked to the nodeindex 1.

tv1.Items.Item[1].Enabled := false;

After the compilation the node apears in grey collor indicating that the node is disabled, but when clicking on it, the page linked to it is normally displayed.

Is it a bug or I should use a different aproach to block the page from beaind displayed ?
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2014-03-27 01:47

reporter   ~0020932

I was able to solve my problem by implementing this code on the OnChanging Event of the TjvPageListTreeView:

procedure Tfrm1.tv1Changing(Sender: TObject; Node: TTreeNode;
  var AllowChange: Boolean);
  AllowChange := Node.Enabled;

But I really think that a disabled item on the TreeView, should make the Page linked to it unnavaiable.

If Jedi Project believes that this should not be implemented, I think that this example should be added to the demo projects.

Thanx ...


2014-09-03 11:34

administrator   ~0021027

Please provide the zipped sources of a sample application showing this


2016-08-07 01:48

developer   ~0021362

Fixed in master branch.

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