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0006346JEDI Code LibraryJclExprEvalpublic2024-01-02 21:15
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Product VersionVersion 2.5 (Subversion repository/Daily zips) 
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Summary0006346: TEvaluator doesn't work anymore with floating point values with Italian decimal separator
DescriptionWith previous version, till last JCL commit (30th septembar) ,all works fine.

I'm working on an italian machine so my default DecimalSeparator is "," and not ".".

I'm not able to evaluate expression because I don't know how to pass decimal separator in strings:

if I use Evaluator.Evaluate('123,45*9') I get: "Parse error: Unknown symbol: 123"
if I use Evaluator.Evaluate('123.45*9') I get: "123.45 in not a valid floating point value"

The workaround to make it work is this:

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Fixed in GIT commit
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2024-01-02 21:15

developer   ~0022069

Already fixed in git main branch. The dot (".") is the only decimal separator for expressions and the StrToFloat() call in the expression parser is forced to use the "."

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