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0006371JEDI VCLGeneral APIpublic2016-08-07 16:19
ReporterMichal MuchaAssigned ToAHUser 
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Summary0006371: Installation issues. Concerns all XE6 and XE7 compilers
DescriptionIn my previous issue report (0006369) I indicated missing component in XE7 IDE.
Actually, as I found later there were more missing components
from 'Jv Persistence' tab on the components palette/list.
I did not check the other components tabs.
All the missing ones were registered in the same function call

RegisterComponents(RsPalettePersistence, [TJvFormStorage,
  TJvFormStorageSelectList, TJvAppXMLFileStorage]);

in the JvSystemReg.pas.
My conjecture was that something must be wrong or missing in project
files so the linker or component installer in the IDE does not "see"
the necessary files.
During the search found that all dproj files for XE6 (d20) and XE7 (d21)
packages have wrong paths in sections

    <PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Cfg_1)'!=''">
    <PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Cfg_2)'!=''">
Obviously, one would expect it to be \lib\d20 and \lib\d21 for XE6 and XE7 respectively.
I traced the problem to template.dproj files for these packages. Most probably the wrong
directories were propagated from templates to all other projects by the package generator
program (pg.exe) which uses the templates.

I am not sure if the JVCLInstall.exe makes use of the directories declared in the dproj files
since in my case all the dcu, bpi, dcp, lib files were in the ... \lib\d21\ ... directory.
But in case it does use the information in some place then the problem shoud be addressed
as soon as possible.

I did not manage to rerun the package generator, and the installation procedure yet, so
at the moment I cannot tell if this helped in case of components missing from the palette.

Anyway even if the path \lib\dxx information is irrelevant for the JVCLInstall
it would be a departure from the scheme adopted for earlier versions. I would appreciate
comments from maintainers.

Michal Mucha


Michal Mucha

2014-12-13 18:29

reporter   ~0021135

At the moment when I added this issue I could not select proper category.
I should go to JEDI JVCL Install.


2016-08-06 14:06

developer   ~0021352

Fixed in master branch.

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