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0006460JEDI VCL02 Installationpublic2015-12-10 21:40
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Summary0006460: Delphi 10 Seattle starter is not detected by jediinstaller
DescriptionJCL installation is not possible by install.bat because Delphi 10 Seattle starter can't compile by command line, so you have to compile via EDI the jediinstaller.dpr project. It's not the main probleme, compiling the project is OK.
The probleme :
Jediinstaller.exe don't detect Delphi 10 Seattle starter on the PC so it's impossible to install JCL and the same probleme for JVCL.
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2015-12-10 21:40

developer   ~0021252

You can't use the Installer if you don't have a command line compiler. Compiling the Installer from the IDE won't make the installer not use the command line compiler to compile the packages/units.

You need to compile the packages\d23\*.dproj files in the IDE by hand.

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