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0006468JEDI VCL02 Installationpublic2018-07-18 15:46
ReporterGeroldAssigned Toobones 
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Product VersionDaily / GIT 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006468: Install with option "Compile debug untis" enabled failed
DescriptionCan not install the JVCL with above option enabled. Did NOT enable the option "JVCL Developper Installation" !!!

Found this error in the log file "C:\Delphi\JVCL\bin\jvcl_install_d7.log":

C:\Delphi\JVCL\Common\ (26) - Fatal: File not found: 'jedi\'

The only JEDI.INC file I found was in
and contains only the following line:
{$I ..\..\common\jedi\}

There is no subdir "jedi" in the "common" subdir.

So something is missing here.
Additional InformationD7 Ent
JCL: Daily: 2015-10-21
JVCL: Daily: 2015-10-21

When I copy the following subdir "JEDI" from the JCL
there is no error.
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2016-08-04 21:16

developer   ~0021333

The file in the devtools\common directory doesn't exist anymore as it was from a time when the JVCL came with its own common\jedi\ file. The file now comes from the JCL\source\include\jedi\ and the JVCL requires the JCL\source\include directory to be in the include/library search path (the JCL Installer adds the directory)


2016-08-09 23:31

reporter   ~0021379

typo : "Compile debug untis" > "Compile debug units"

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