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0006484JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2016-08-04 17:45
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Summary0006484: TJvFilenameEdit, paint issue when disabled and placed on JvWizard page
Description# Delphi XE
# JVCL 3.49 (Git)

When placing a TJvFielnameEdit on a TJvWizard page, it will be painted incorrectly when said edit is disabled.

To reproduce:

# create a new VCL Forms Application
# add a TJvWizard, create two Interior Pages
# on page 1, add a TEdit at 0, 0 (Left, Top)
# on page 2, add a TJvFilenameEdit at 5, 5 (Left, Top)
# set Enabled to False for the TJvFilenameEdit
# compile and run the application

When switching between page 1 and page 2, the background of the TJvFilenameEdit is incorrectly drawn.

The error was introduced in Git commit 65884f6cb031e98bb2b60101d35180bff9c7b289 ( ) in TJvCustomComboEdit.DoEraseBackground at line 2252.

The checking for DisabledColor to be clNone, clDefault or clWindow if the component is not enabled is the culprit.

The intention behind this change was the for XE2 and up to support custom styles, but it broke the drawing of disabled, SystemStyle on a TJvWizard page.

Even after removing the check for DisabledColor, the behaviour of Delphi XE and Delphi 10 Seattle were the same and in 10 Seattle with VCL styles it was as expected.

Proposed fix:

Remove the check for DisabledColor at line 2522
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2016-04-19 20:29

reporter   ~0021287

Also affected: TJvComboEdit (and probably all other components derived from TJvCustomComboEdit) on a plain TPageControl/TTabSheet: If the edit component is disabled, it does not paint correctly.


2016-08-04 17:45

developer   ~0021325

Fixed in master branch.

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