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0006535JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2019-04-20 18:59
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Summary0006535: Delphi 7 sp 1 on Windows 7 sp 1 JEDI VCL version 3.49 (why not listed in dropdown?)
DescriptionJVTabPainter doesn't work. Connected TabPainter to JVPageCongtrol and JVTabControl and neither control gets tabs painted at design-time or run-time. switch ownerdraw = false and both controls paint fine. It works on my XP system and I recently installed D7 with JEDI 3.49 on a new Windows 7 so this seems to be related to Windows 7. My installation of JEDI JCL and JVCL on Windows 7 went flawlessly.
Additional InformationSupplied project shows JVTabcontrol and JVPageControl with JVTabPainter hooked up. When form loads the tabs aren't painted because TabPainter is connected (they paint when it's not connected). The speedbutton then turns ownerdraw on and off and you see the tabs paint and unpaint, only painting when ownerdraw = false.
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