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0006601JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2019-05-05 09:31
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Summary0006601: TJvArrowButton - Glyph and caption not properly drawn when using Margin
DescriptionIf you specify a margin > 0 in the properties (note: not the VCL Margins, the controls margin property) with a glyph and caption (button layout = glyph left and vert. align = centre), the glyph and caption are not well centered vertically.
Additional InformationAdd TJvArrowButton, set height to 45 pixels
Set glyph to a 32 x 32 bitmap
Set a caption
Set margins to 10
Set layout to glyph left
Set vertical alignment to center

The glyph and text are clearly drawn too high.
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related to 0006600 acknowledged Changed to TJvArrowButton to make it easy to ownerdraw 


2017-10-27 08:42


Debug (83,731 bytes)

2017-10-27 08:43


JvArrowButton.pas (46,223 bytes)


2017-10-27 08:44

reporter   ~0021438

Attached is a test program to show the problem and my attempt at solving it. By the way, it also includes the changes proposed in issue 6600.


2019-05-05 09:31

reporter   ~0021813

I tried to implement your suggestions from JvArrowButton.pas, but then I saw that you changed the public Draw method completely from its parameters.

While I can follow the introduction of these parameters as properties changing such a public method in that way is not really approved by the maintainers, as it breaks existing code of JVCL users.

Can you implement a variant which keeps the old Draw method and implements e.g. an overloaded one?

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