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0006654JEDI Code LibraryMiscellanouspublic2018-10-10 11:47
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Summary0006654: Delphi2010 crashes after opening the checked out Jcl packages (or package group)
DescriptionI've "cloned" the newest version of jcl sources from github (6f25d234737260b7e21faffb951f63ca73068f67 revision).

It is unable to work with jcl packages - all of them bring IDE to crashes.

First issue - after saving project, it cannot be opened (brocken dproj file).
Second issue - compilation of opened project even before saving leads to IDE access violations.

Steps to reproduce the second issue:
1. Open Jcl project group (under jcl\packages\JclPackagesD140.groupproj)
2. Try to compile the Jcl package. In the "Messages" view there is an entry "Access violation at the address 22204C71 in module 'dotnetcoreide140.bpl'. Reading address 00000000".

Got results: Error during compilation.

Steps to reproduce the first issue:
1. Open Jcl project group (under jcl\packages\JclPackagesD140.groupproj)
2. Delphi shows changes
3. Saving changes
4. Close all
5. Open the project group again

Expected results: the project group is open
Got results: Error opening first (jcl) project: Error reading "xxx\packges\d14\Jcl.dproj". Fatal error 1072896749. At this place no spaces are allowed. ...

The dproj file has brocken syntax:

<PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Base)'!=''">
<!-- cut out for space saving -->
            < {%s}>true</ {%s}>
            <DCC_Description>JEDI Code Library RTL package</DCC_Description>
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Fixed in revision
IDE versionDelphi/C++Builder 2010



2018-10-10 11:47

reporter   ~0021581

I could fix it by removing the Define "VER210" from the dpk and from the dproj of all of the packages. I'll try to push it to my github fork of jcl as soon as I can.

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